Monday, April 13, 2009

Handsome Suit -- Look matters...Not

Finally managed to watch the Japanese comedy movie, "Handsome Suit" (The official website is in plural: "Handsome Suits". Another site--which is in English--can be viewed in Encore Films "Handsome Suit"). Hilarious. Mostly a comedy with a little moral question: if you can choose to be handsome, will you be one even if it costs you your identity?

Heck, for some people, identity is over-rated (Understandably...from one who prefers to blog anonymously. Hur hur). But to opt to be handsome just because one doesn't realize how happy he is just the way he is, is truly a shallow thinking.

Then again, he won't realize how happy he is just the way he is, not till he is transformed.

Kind of like a Zen story, if you ask me. Read about it once, but couldn't find a reference to it in the Net yet. A monk who just moves to another temple (say it 'B') from his previous temple ('A') was asked what he thinks about temple 'B'. He answered truthfully that the temple he came from, temple 'A', is a much better place than 'B'. The person who asks the monk is as expected furious & shouts a question of why the monk still goes to temple 'B' then. His reply is if he doesn't go to temple 'B',he will never realize how temple 'A' is a much better temple.

Anyway, "Handsome Suit" is not at all confusing. It's entertaining & easy to watch. Check out the Youtube movie trailer of "Handsome Suit" here as well as its catchy ending song, "My Revolution": here.

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