Thursday, May 28, 2009

Malaysia boleh: It's a crime if you call your wife ugly!

I agree. Totally! And for fairness' sake (it's the Adamantium age of equality of the sexes, is it not?), they must make it a crime as well for the women to cause 'emotional violence' against their poor husbands through various despicable means, which I shall refuse to further elaborate. (Why should I give them women ideas?!)

It soon could be a crime for Malaysian men to call their wives ugly, a women's rights group and a news report said on Thursday.

The governmental Women's Development Department plans to ask Parliament to ban 'emotional violence' against women, who currently have legal protection against physical assault only, The Star newspaper reported.

Women's groups told the department that husbands who 'demonstrate a pattern of causing mental and psychological damage' should face counseling, fines and jail terms, Ivy Josiah, director of the Women's Aid Organisation, told The Associated Press.

Offenders include a husband who 'tells his wife she is ugly or humiliates her until she feels emotionally pressured,' the government department's head, Noorul Ainur Mohamad Nur, said during a conference on violence against women, the newspaper reported.

Ms Noorul said there was a need to criminalise emotional abuse because it could deeply scar a woman's dignity and self-confidence, the report said.

There were no immediate details about when Parliament would discuss the plan.

About 90 per cent of some 800 women who called the Women's Aid Organisation for help last year reported being psychologically abused, though some were also physically assaulted, Ms Josiah said.

A government representative said Ms Noorul and other officials familiar with the plan could not immediately be contacted on Thursday.

From Straits Times, "Jail if you call wife ugly".

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