Sunday, May 10, 2009

Skudai 'Let's Run-About' Advert: Sometimes He Had to Get Lost to Find Ourselves (Ashamed for being Complacent)

The breaking news: an unnamed creative advertising agency from Malaysia was fuming because their advertising clip for Skudai is deemed a plagiarism of that for Australia.

Skudai, recently brought to the headlines for being the chosen city for the escaped JI Leader Mas Selamat Kastari from Singapore, is gearing itself to accept more tourists. "(But) no more escapees, please!" Tan Ah Eng, the Member of Parliament for Gelang Patah, the constituency which Skudai falls under was quoted to say.

The advertisement for Skudai, however, has never made it to the television or YouTube, no thanks to Australia who threatens to sue the Malaysian company for blatantly copying the idea.

You have no idea what I'm talking about? Then you need to check out this YouTube ad, "Incredible: Australia 'Come Walkabout' Commercial Directed by Baz Luhrmann for Tourism Australia". In the video clip, there are two professionals shown separately having a tough time in their lives.

They were then visited by a wild boy (this part is kinda creepy, really!) who told them "Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves, sometimes we have to go walkabout".

It's incredible indeed...because these two professionals choose to listen & go their walkabout in Australia!!

So this unnamed Malaysia company happened to have the same idea! Featuring an actor who looks like Mas Selamat Kastari, the advertisement has shown him having a tough time in Whitley Detention Center, Singapore.

After he was visited by some wild boy during his sleep (not much to his surprise because ghosts are rumoured aplenty in that Detention Center) who advised him the most logical thing he ever heard, "Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourselves, sometimes you have to go run-about...especially during your toilet break", he escaped during his toilet break & made a run--well, a swim too with an 'improvised floating device--to the promised city of Skudai.

But from here on, the advertisement which never made it to the television and YouTube goes wrong. After an initial peaceful life in Skudai with the community having a simple thinking of "don't know and don't care (about strangers)", he was shown to be captured as he slept.

As he was shown detained and tortured (tortured? Did I say 'tortured'? I mean, 'interrogated', yes, that's it)--as he was shown detained and, ehm, interrogated by Malaysian Intelligent Agency, he had a vision of the wild boy entering the room through the wall & giggled to the screen, "Sometimes He Had to Get Lost to Find Ourselves (Ashamed for being Complacent)".

It's a senseless advertisement really & should not have made it to television or YouTube.

- Wikipedia about Skudai: here.
- Channel NewsAsia, "Mas Selamat's arrest puts sleepy town of Skudai in spotlight": here.
- JI Leader escapee, Mas Selamat Kastari arrested in Malaysia--over A MONTH ago?!

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