Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where & when you can donate blood | World Blood Donation Day

The link is not that hard to find actually. You can find where & when to donate blood here.

On a separate note, the World Blood Donor Day this year shall be celebrated at Jurong Bird Park on Saturday, 13 June. (Official site: here) Admission is strictly by invitation. Although I received the invitation card, I found the intent to make the event exclusive is not a right move.

The organizer should make it as an open event. Let the blood donors be recognized for their selfless contribution & at the same time, let the public learn more about blood donation. (And how to attract more people to attend the event? Waive the entrance fee. Just like the free museum entry as part of International Museum Day celebrations.)

Oh, and to be in line with the World Blood Donor Day, the event ought to be held on 14 June. Heh.

Update: here's the invitation card. It's made in the form of a postcard. I like how simple the design is.

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bryce said...

This year World Blood Donor Day is being hosted by Australia. View the australian launch video on YouTube here:

Thanks and don't forget to Give Blood!