Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who is the world's oldest blogger? (And why the title hardly matters!)

Is the world's oldest blogger really Maria Amelia Lopez? She's a 97-year-old Spanish great-grandmother who is reported to have died last Thursday, 21/05. You can find her blog, titled "A mis 95 aƱos / 95 years old blogger" at

Or is the title of the world's oldest blogger rightly belongs to Olive Riley, an Australian woman who died at the age of 108 last year in July? By the way, her blog, "The Life of Riley" can still be viewed at

But seriously, does it matter? The fun of blogging is for people irregardless how old they are. And these two amazing ladies have found the means to have their views immortalized in the Net.

And I very much doubt they care about who has the right to claim the title of "The World's Oldest Blogger".

Abraham Lincoln had one of his famous quotes: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

I can imagine that the two departed bloggers might have a similar thought. And what I thought about their blogs is (my apology, Mr. Lincoln) that in the end, it's not how long you have been blogging that counts; it's the quality of your posts in your blog.

Rest in peace, ladies.


And I suddenly have a thought of my late father. I have difficulty to see him using a computer, connected to the Internet & being busy updating his blog. Such a pity.

His blog would have been fun to read. He had a lot to tell. He had the courage to travel far to leave his family to pursue his Master of Education in UK and put unwavering trust to my mother to take care the four (hopefully well-behaved) children without him. All in the hope, to bring a better life to us.

He had the patience to tell me stories & to teach me how to speak when I was little even when he ought to be exhausted after standing the whole day teaching maths in a class.

He had the saintly stoical sense not to ever scold me, without doubt the prodigal son in the family for hardly visiting them back home because I was just too tied up with works (which admittedly the lamest reasons ever and even I could admit that!).

It's such a loss there's no legacy in form of the writing of his thoughts left behind. Like a blog. Like how the two ladies bloggers had done. Although my father might not have been the oldest blogger, he would have been the most interesting blogger whose posts I would love to read & re-read.

I miss you, dad.

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