Wednesday, June 03, 2009

STOMP is quite fun (well, sometimes!) to read because...

...the intensity & the creativity of the comments given as a reply to the the actual STOMP article itself are just a treat!

Take this particular STOMP article as an example. It's titled, "'Girl in provocative loose shorts distracts my hubby while he's driving'". If you don't see the photo, you'll likely imagine the incredibly short & loose shorts. The picture shall disappoint you. Heh.

And really the STOMPER has very weak points: firstly, 'provocative' is relative and secondly, how she knows that the young girl carried a fake LV bag? (Is fake thing easily recognized from a distance? The STOMPER & her husband were driving as the husband got distracted by the girl & tried to excuse himself by claiming sick as the wind innocently blew the girl's short 'opened'.)

The comments--243 of them so far & counting up--are hardly sympathetic. Understandably so. Singapore's weather has been recently hot. Wearing short is, thus, expected.

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