Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sherwyn Lui's winning video contest of Coke Zero's 'It's Possible'

Sherwyn Lui, a Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts' (NAFA) student, deserves the victory. I like how his video contest of Coke Zero's 'It's Possible' featuring 4 characters in black & white. Check out the screenshots below & you'll understand why his animation style is the winning one!!

One has a lady toiling with a lot of paper works. One shows a man (any thorough audience will be able to notice that the guy is Sherwyn Lui himself. Clue: the mohawk haircut. Heh) terrorized by a bed monster as he sleeps. One features a girl battling 5 girls in a basketball game during the last seconds and she is 2 points behind. And the last one has a man fails to impress a woman with a flower.

And what would they do next? The one who toils in the office, she just bites the bullet and continues to finish all those paper works. The one surprised by the monster by his bed side, attacks the monster with his pillow instead. The one in the basket ball game shoots her three-pointer shot and wins the game. The one who seeks to wins the woman's heart, does so by dumping a truck of flowers on her. Yes, she dies. A truck of flower still is heavy. Ha. No, just kidding.

Well done, Sherwyn Lui! Very WELL done!!

The following screenshots are from RAZORTV, "NAFA student wins $10,000 cash":

See Sherwyn Lui's style of hair? Compare it to the 3rd screenshot.

The one in the office.

The one in the bed. See the hairdo? Compare to screenshot #1!

The one in the basketball game.

The one in the quest of love.

His mohawk haircut stood out in the crowd, as did his animation entry in Coca-cola's latest video contest.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts' (NAFA) student Sherwyn Lui took home $10,000 after bagging the top prize in Coke Zero's 'It's Possible' video contest.

His 30-second clip has been aired on local TV.

The contest was hosted on citizen journalism portal STOMP and consumer engagement portal Eyeka.

It aimed to challenge Singaporean youths to redefine the possible and overcome the impossible through video-making.

Check out the prize-giving session on RazorTV and find out how Sherwyn Lui managed to best capture 'It's Possible' in his winning entry.

From Straits Times, "Student wins Coke contest".

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