Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A complimentary holiday voucher to Pattaya (Yay, hotel & airfare for 2 included!): Too good to be true?

Received this sms this afternoon. Well, it does seem too good to be true (heck, till now I can't take my eyes off the message. Sorry, Frankie!), and yet I'm glad that I'm being a skeptic.

You have been selected among the xx guests in conjunction with creating awareness of this new international company and receive a complimentary holiday voucher (5D/4N hotel accomodation and 2 airfare ticket to Pattaya definitely with no obligation). T and C apply. Sms or call 9038xxxx Kris.

Yeah right. It may be somewhat true that there will be no obligation. Still I dislike how the message is being so vague. What is 'this new international company'? Why can't it be mentioned in the sms (and thus allows me to google it)?

I don't even bother to reply or to call this Kris. I'm even tempted to put up the full hp no here in this post, then again why should I put up a free advertisement for this mysterious international company (and without me getting that complimentary holiday package. Hur hur) & in the process, might lead some greedy unsuspecting victims to succumb to some hard sell tactics by some soulless incredibly passionate promoters?

No, thank you. Count me out.

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