Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Behold top 10 'the most popular in the last 24 hours' with ZERO pong

Screenshot of (30/09/09, 08:05 PM)

It's the last night of September & FINALLY seems alive! Or does it? I noticed a few new posts featured in, but alas, not mine.

I vigorously clicked the 'update all my blogs' option. Nada. Not a single post of mine was displayed.

Why? I have no idea yet.

Till I know the reason, I'll just enjoy the rare view of the 'most popular (posts) in the last 24 hours' showing zero pong. That's very rare, indeed...Considering a certain someone would have employed clones to shoot up his post straight to the top 10. Snigger.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Haiku from a shaky launch--under the heat of the...uhm...Sun (what else?!)

Ocean surface waves
Harmony pierced by a boat
Silver Chasm trails...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Maria Ozawa in "Kidnapping Miyabi"

Maria Ozawa: "Feature me if you can, Indonesia!"

I'm impressed at the creativity of Indonesian filmmakers whose idea is to feature Maria Ozawa--popularly known as Miyabi--as herself in the incoming Indonesian movie, "Menculik Miyabi" (or "Kidnapping Miyabi").

It's supposed to be a comedy, mind you. Not the usual rated 'stuff' which Maria Ozawa is (in)famous of. Still, her presence has ignited a spark of righteous anger among the Indonesian Muslim Council (MUI). What a great publicity!!

Gentlemen, brace yourself for an upcoming Indonesian film that might tempt you more than any other: It will feature famous Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa, better known as Miyabi.

Scheduled for release at the end of this year, Menculik Miyabi (Kidnapping Miyabi) is a movie that will probably attract a lot of hype this year.

Written by witty blogger Raditya Dika, the comedy tells the story of a man so obsessed with Miyabi that he plans to kidnap her.

Production house Maxima Pictures are still pulling the necessary strings to cast the 23-year-old Japanese star, movie producer Odi Mulya Hidayat said, as quoted by newsportal on Thursday.

"It's not easy to invite her here and we have to pay her a lot to star in the movie," Odi added.

But excited male audiences should calm down and rein in their imaginations: Miyabi won't be doing any scenes of the type she is famous for.

It will purely be a comedy, just with an occasional shot of Miyabi's face here and there.

As a woman of distinctive beauty created from the mix of genes from her Japanese mother and French-Canadian father, Miyabi has risen into global stardom since she started appearing in porn movies in 2005.

From Jakarta Post, "Miyabi to feature in Indonesian movie".

Filmmakers in Muslim-majority Indonesia on Monday defied condemnation by clerics, saying they would stick to their plans to fly out a top Japanese porn star to act in a local comedy.

Muslim leaders have blasted plans to bring out 23-year-old erotic film megastar Maria Ozawa, popularly known as Miyabi, to play herself in the upcoming film 'Menculik Miyabi' (Kidnapping Miyabi).

But Maxima Productions General Manager Adi Sudiadi said the company would stick to its plans to include Ozawa in the film, which tells the story of a group of university students who accidentally kidnap the starlet.

'We guarantee that Miyabi won't be playing in a porn film here, we'll bring her here not as a porn star but purely for a comedy movie,' Mr Adi said.

'Miyabi is well-known by Indonesian people... we're expecting that Miyabi will attract a lot of spectators here. We're also trying to fix Miyabi's image by showing she can play more than just a porn star,' he said, adding that no final agreement had been reached with Ozawa to act in the film.

Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) Chairman Amidhan slammed the choice of Ozawa - who has gained notoriety in Japan's burgeoning porn industry thanks to her striking Canadian-Japanese looks - as a threat to the moral health of the country's youth.

'Even if the film isn't porno, it's very dangerous for our young people, particularly if they become fans of this porn actress and become curious enough to watch her films,' he said.

'We have to be firm and not let rubbish into our country. This is about Indonesia's reputation as the world's most populous Muslim country,' he said.

Nearly 90 per cent of Indonesia's 234 million people are Muslim. Most practise a moderate form of the religion.

Indonesia's parliament earlier this month passed a controversial film law that imposes tighter controls on content, including violence and sex.

From Straits Times, "Filmmakers defy clerics".

MUI Medan denounce the Japanese adult-movie star, Miyabi’s movie directing in Indonesia, as her popularity as vulgar actresses would harm Indonesian youth’s morality, despite the house production told it is planned to generate a comedy-genre movie.

“Similar to central council, Medan MUI also reject her present in Indonesia, particularly in Medan, North Sumatra,” General Chairman of Medan MUI, Mohd Hatta said here, as quoted by Waspada Online Monday (Sept. 28).

According to Hatta, if the actress also known as Maria Ozawa permitted to accomplish the movie directing in Indonesia, she would be scheduled to visit Medan later. “As we know that Medan is third biggest city that is famous as new film launching as part of marketing attempt, so there should no doubt Ozawa plan to promote it in Medan.”

In order to boycott the film production, government should charge Pornography Bill to censor vulgar scene toward the comedy movie titled “Menculik Miyabi” To Kidnap Miyabi. “Whether the movie genre is comedy or not, however her profession as adult movie actresses unavoidable to show adult-movie image.”

“The President should perform firm behavior to issue entrance ban toward Ozawa,” Hatta suggested. “If Malaysia government issued entrance ban toward Miyabi, why we (Indonesia) don’t.”

From Waspada Online, "MUI Medan boycott Miyabi’s movie in Indonesia".

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The latest Ping fraud exposed: 'passportchop' & his army of clones??? 26/09/09: passportchop in No.3 of the 'Most' Popular site for the last 24 hour...

...with the supports of 10 clones. Pwned!!

Hey, don't get me wrong! I'm one of those few who are initially impressed with passportchop's blog. A shock is (almost like that when Ris Low was revealed to be a credit card fraud) that passportchop has a formidable group of clones in

This is how I came to know that.

Earlier this morning (as I have nothing to do), I just realized that within less than 5 hours, he had gathered 11 pongs for his post, "Riding into the Thick of Battle: Army Live Firing Safari" & thus, secured a 3rd place in the most popular (site) in in the last 24 hours.

Impressive feat, I remember myself commented. But the content was hardly interesting. So I wonder who the hell ponged this post of his?

Then I noticed unfamiliar nicks of pingsters (trust me, I'm one of the regulars) & moreover, I realized they a) do not have blogs registered and b) joined between a short time span between 26 Aug 2009 to 06 Sept 2009.

Here are his clones (with the sequence of ponging):
1. professorx (date of join to 29/08/09)
2. bingspine (26/08/09)
3. johnny67 (28/08/09)
4. roslina (28/08/09)
5. omigod32 (31/08/09)
6. maximlee (26/08/09)
7. thomascrown (31/08/09)
8. koreadramaqueen (31/08/09)
9. lucymei (01/09/09)
10. hydroburn (06/09/09)

Therefore I conclude with a great disappointment: Greed (of seeing one's post in the top 10 of the most popular in in the last 24 hours) has claimed yet another victim.

Sorry passportchop! Better luck next time...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Singapore welcomes Shrek of Far Far Away in Sentosa!!

Couldn't resist a smaller screenshot of "An Ogre in Sentosa" pdf file. It's just so exciting!! (Boy, do I sound like a little boy!! Heh.)

Open the pdf file for the description of the 6 amazing attractions from the "Far Far Away Zone":
- Madagascar: A Crate Adventure
- King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round
- Enchanted Airways
- Shrek 4D
- Magic Potion Spin
- Donkey Live

Resorts World at Sentosa (RWS) is banking on the appeal of two mega-movie franchises - Shrek and Madagascar - to draw the crowds to its theme park when it opens in first quarter of next year.

Six attractions at the integrated resort's (IR's) 20ha Universal Studios theme park will be based on the storylines of the two DreamWorks Animation films, according to details released on Thursday by the developer.

Visitors will get to see sets and characters from Shrek come to life, including the Far Far Away Castle belonging to Princess Fiona's father.

They will also get to experience rides based on the adventures of four animals from New York's Central Park Zoo who are shipped to Africa by accident and left stranded on Madagascar.

There will be more than 10 retail and dining outlets done up in the same themes as the two respective zones.

The two movies are among DreamWorks' most successful box office hits, with Shrek and its two sequels grossing over US$2 billion (S$2.8 billion) worldwide, and the first Madagascar film alone taking in $500 million.

RWS chief executive officer Tan Hee Teck said the films are popular with Asians.

Prices for the theme park will be announced later, but The Straits Times understands they are likely to be on par with, or even cheaper than, tickets to Universal Studios theme parks elsewhere. A day pass to the park in Orlando costs US$70 and Osaka charges 6,000 yen (S$92).

The theme park - the first of its kind in South-east Asia - is expected to be one of the IR's biggest draws. The second IR, the Marina Bay Sands, is gunning for well-heeled business travellers.

Details of 18 other attractions at the Sentosa IR's remaining five zones - Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, New York and Hollywood - will be announced later. An RWS spokesman said the IR is on track for its soft opening in first quarter of next year.

From Straits Times, "Mega-hits at Sentosa IR | Madagascar and Shrek form themes at six attractions".

More about the attractions:
(1) Madagascar: A Crate Adventure
An indoor boat ride. Animated figures and special effects recreate the world of the 2005 film, which featured the adventures of four animals in New York’s Central Park. (Ride duration: 9 minutes and 30 seconds)

(2) King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round
A carousel ride. The seats will be modelled after the animals in the movie, such as Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe, lemurs and others. (2 minutes)

(3) Enchanted Airways
A roller coaster. The train of cars is modelled after Dragon, Donkey's wife, and the ride will feature other characters including the Gingerbread Man, Pinocchio and the Big Bad Wolf. (70 seconds)

(4) Shrek 4D
A cinema with high-tech seats that can rumble, tickle and do other things. A 3D film about the honeymoon adventures of Shrek the ogre and his wife Princess Fiona will be screened, with an additional ‘fourth dimension’ of air blasts and water sprays within the cinema. (17 minutes)

(5) Magic Potion Spin
A miniature ferris wheel. The attraction is set within a larger retail outlet where visitors can buy Shrek merchandise and drinks. Interactive stations will also be set up for kids.(1 minute and 30 seconds)

(6) Donkey Live
A live, interactive show starring Shrek's sidekick Donkey. (18 minutes)

Partially quoted from Relax, "Sentosa IR banks on mega-hits".

Monday, September 21, 2009

QUEST will be back soon...Thank you NLB!!

This is the follow up of my earlier post on NLB's QUEST cards. Heh. So glad to read the announcement that the cards shall be issued soon...on 25/09!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why "Faces of Steel"?

The photo was poorly taken. It won't be able to show smaller photos that are part of the advertisement. I think this is quite an interesting ad. Rather disagree with the tag of "Faces of Steel"...what the nation (any nation) needs is "Muscles of Steel" or "Determination of Steel". Faces are just a matter of appearance, after all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A haiku straight from the intoxicated mind...(No, this is not sponsored by Brewerkz)

A boisterous group,
Golden Ale by the River,
A shaky photo!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

LOL...Death of Mario?!?!

The prophecy has revealed.
As the King's rule of stupidity & iron fist has been toppled... a Mouse with a readily-explosive bomb,
the villains shall unite & unleash their anger
and kill the what-his-name (a plumber, huh?) oh so easily!

PS. The screenshots above are from CollegeHumor, "Bowser's Minion".

Sunday, September 06, 2009

"Go Home: 12 Moving Stories" (A review of the amazing comics anthology by 12 talented artists)

For those who have adamantly mistake that comics are just for children, you may want to pick up this comic anthology, "Go Home: 12 Moving Stories".

The book is rich in diversity and style. A little surprise there. I like how the comics were produced: the 12 comic artists from across Asia & Europe (with 12 distinct drawing styles) met & stayed in Singapore for 12 days to work on the comics which is based on the theme migration.

In the blurb, it's mentioned how the anthology is "funny, charming, poignant & disturbing". I agree with most of the description except for the last one. It's hardly "disturbing". It's more precise to be said as "thought-provoking".

Take for example the wonderfully-drawn story by Tomáš Kučerovský from Czech Republic. The brief introduction is quoted as "Migrating birds fly through a surreal landscape of alienation and lonelness, witnessing the despair of unrequited love, abandonment, dislocation and the search for seemingly elusive happiness".

You will be awed at how poem-like his narration style is!

For those who just want to be entertained, go straight reading the pieces by NIX (from Belgium) & Lyra Garcellano (from The Phillippines). Their stories are about a coach of a Belgian football team involved in an international match-fixing racket and a girl in her quest to get a visa for her traveling overseas. Their style of comics are simple but endearing. And not to mention, hilariously written!!

Okay, enough for me to spoil the book. Anyway here are the list of the 12 comic artists for "Go Home: 12 Moving Stories":

1. NIX (His real name is actually Marnix Verduyn) from Belgium
2. Craig Au Yeung from Hong Kong
3. Tomáš Kučerovský from Czech Republic
4. Tommi Musturi from Finland
5. Frédéric Felder from France
6. Alfi Zachkyelle from Indonesia
7. Little Fish from Japan
8. Kwon Yong Deuk from Korea
9. Maaike Hartjes from The Netherlands
10. Lyra Garcellano from The Phillippines
11. Rafal Gosieniecki from Poland
12. Le Phuong from Vietnam

More details about the book:
Publisher: Johnny Lau
Editor: Johnny Lau & Soh Lai Yee
Cover art: Tommi Musturi
Published by Rojak City Pte Ltd & copyright owned by Asia-Europe Foundation

And to have a little idea about how the artists' style of drawing comics differ. Here are the shot from the back cover of the book:

The artists as per the above list:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4
5 - 6 - 7 - 8
9 - 10 - 11 - 12

This wonderful book is at the moment priced at SG$20 & can be purchased here.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Solvil et Titus - Surreal Advertisement I Like!!

A Big white cuddly rabbit & a big cool wolf. Who doesn't love them!? And the 2 girls? Oh well...