Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coraline: (Almost) A Review of The Graphic Novel

Yes, finally managed to borrow another Neil Gaiman's masterpiece: Coraline. I especially like it as it is in a graphic novel form illustrated by P. Craig Russell. (And if you bother to check out the Wikipedia article about the artist, you'll learn that P. Craig Russell has won multiple Harvey and Eisner Awards. And that he is particularly respected by his peers because he was the first well-known, successful mainstream comic book creator to come out as openly gay. Right.)

Anyway, this is an attempt to review a graphic novel, Coraline. I love it. It is illustrated in details & you just have to respect the tremendous amount of work that the artist put for this 186-page graphic novel.

Story-wise? Well, I'm very biased here. It's Neil Gaiman's creation after all! What can I say? Superb story-telling by the Master. Heh.

Now to set a time to catch the 3D animated film version of Coraline.

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