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Aramsa Spa: The BEST spa in Singapore

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First, let me state it upfront: this is NOT a sponsored post by Aramsa Spa. I'm not paid at all nor given a free spa package to pen this article in favour of Aramsa Spa.

Allow me to elaborate. Only recently Singapore spa lovers have been hit hard by the news on how a popular (now, the word ought to be 'infamous') spa namely Wellness Village Spa & Fitness had been abruptly closed. Consumers who had purchased their costly spa package from Wellness Village are--needless to say--furious.

I too am concerned because I once signed a spa package, but luckily not from Wellness Village. But from the much better spa outlet: Aramsa Spa.

See I have fallen in love with Aramsa Spa ever since I spent one relaxing Saturday morning a year ago at Bishan Park. Feeling the freshness of the air, gazing longingly at how much fun the dog owners & their dogs at the designated 'dog run' site at Bishan Park, and basically revelling to the fact that I didn't have to work on that day.

So I decided to try out this cosy spa outlet at Bishan Park. Aramsa Spa has a very presentable interior design, it's cosy & you'll immediately feel at home.

Equally important is the therapists are professional. You just have to try Aramsa Touch which is its signature massage, a fusion of eastern meridian and western classical massage techniques.

And their customer service? Fantastic!

In the event of the vanishing Wellness Village Spa & Fitness outlets, I emailed Aramsa Spa to voice my concern. (Yes, I too bought a spa package from Aramsa Spa. And no, I did that WITHOUT any regret because Aramsa Spa's customer service did not resort to hard sell tactic when she introduced the package to me.)

Of course, I emailed Aramsa Spa anonymously. Heh.

And you know what? The customer service, one Ms. Jacqueline Goh (from Marketing, to be precise) made an effort to reply me & assure that Aramsa Spa "has adequate pay up capital and necessary insurance to prevent such a mess".

I quoted the whole email below:
Dear Concerned Customer,

Thank you for expressing your concern about this matter.

The Wellness Village Spa & Fitness fiasco did cast a bad reputation for the spa industry -what they did was irresponsible and unethical.

To address your concerns, at Aramsa, we take pride in our customer care; understanding that the customers are the foundation of our business. The spa already has adequate pay up capital and necessary insurance to prevent such a mess. Not to worry we have done what is required to be viable and sustainable.

With such a nice environment and location that is pretty hard to secure in Singapore, aramsa will definitely be here in years to come, we will definitely ensure it!

I hope this reassure your worries and thank you so much for your patronage here at Aramsa.

Do come back to visit us soon!

Best Regards,

Jacqueline Goh marketing

Thank you, Ms. Goh. And I do sincerely hope Aramsa Spa continues doing great & provides the best unforgettable spa-experience to your customers.

You may want to read also 88DB Lifestyle's Spa Review on Aramsa Spa. Titled "Aramsa Spa: A Lush Haven In An Urban Jungle", the article is quoted as follows:

Aramsa Spa is a spa unlike others. Set in a tranquil park, amidst canopied tress, foliages and acres of greenies, it is 7500 square metres big and boasts of an architecture that mirrors its setting: countless open spaces, various garden themes, as well as see-through floor-to-ceiling glass panels.

From the reception to the therapy rooms, a sense being one with nature permeates as you feast your eyes on the beautiful landscape and gardens, the brainchild of Nature Landscapes.

The spa boasts more than 20,000 plants from over 200 species – a testimony of its objective to create a nurturing and holistic approach to wellness.

Traversing on a cobblestoned path to your assigned therapy room is nothing less than therapeutic. You will be greeted by carefully manicured gardens – bromeliad elliptical garden, fern garden, secret garden (ginger and herbs), scented garden and heliconia garden – each one a feast for the eyes.

Indeed, all your senses will be hyped up for your upcoming therapy.

Aramsa Spa has 14 rooms, and each has its own garden. There are four double suites, three premium suites, five standard suites, and two Vichy shower / hydrotherapy suites.

The Vichy shower, nicknamed the ‘rain dance', combines the therapeutic benefits of massage and water.

Recommended for those with back injuries, this treatment “shoots” water onto you while you lie down on a treatment bed. The cascade of hot water, which is controlled by a computer panel, is pure heaven!

The hydrobath comes equipped with colour therapy, recommended for those who want to remove unsightly cellulite.

Pick from an array of treatments ranging from exfoliation, body wrap, water, face, eye and back therapy.

Otherwise, opt for the Garden Spa Packages. This includes the highly popular tropical Java Lulur, Botanical Energy, Mineral Infusion, Rain Dance and Lavender Drizzle, to name a few.

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