Friday, November 20, 2009

The Atrium 100-hour movie marathon

Would love to know more details such as what the movies shall be screened. Heh.

It seems Singaporeans love to test their endurance. Just earlier this month, many pushed themselves to the limit by taking part in the MediaCorp-Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge.

This time round, a hundred movie fans are going to the extreme by competing in a hundred-hour movie marathon at The Atrium, near Plaza Singapura. The reward? - S$10,000 and a trip to tinseltown Hollywood.

To survive this challenge, contestants have to come up with strategies to keep themselves awake throughout the marathon, without talking.

"I have this rubber band on my wrist, so if I fall asleep or feel tired, I'll just snap it," one of the contestants said.

Another added: "It's a mind-over-body kind of thing. Worse come to worse, I will pull my ear lobe."

The marathon organiser said on Thursday there are measures in place to make sure no contestant passes out from an overdose of Hollywood.

Jasmmine Wong, country business manager, Nestle, said: "They've got toilet breaks. They just have to raise their hands and they'll be escorted. There'll also be nutritional meals and stretching exercises of about five minutes in between (movies) for the participants."

On Saturday, celebrities will be taking part in a special 24-hour movie marathon challenge where the winner will donate the S$10,000 prize to charity.

From Channel NewsAsia, "100-hour movie marathon begins at The Atrium".

Update on 21/11: no news yet about which movies were shown. =(

Less than a dozen die-hard movie fans are left in an unusual challenge.

By sitting through a 100-hour movie marathon, which started on Thursday, they could walk away with S$10,000 cash and a trip to Hollywood.

Many went through some limbering exercises to stay awake.

And in order to add some sparkle, a celebrity element was added on Saturday as some familiar faces took part in an easier 24-hour movie marathon.

Some celebrities dropped out soon enough, but those still in the game stand a chance to win S$10,000 – with the money going to a favourite charity.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Die-hard movie fans sit through 100-hour movie marathon challenge".

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