Saturday, November 14, 2009

Clicksor: The Best Alternative to Google Ads

Introducing Clicksor.

The comparison is made against Google Adsense & Adbrite in the following table:
Click the screenshot above to enlarge.

Benefits for you:

* Enjoy every 15 days payment on only $50 minimum + payment options of cheque, Paypal, or wire transfer.
* Apply all of your websites in ONE Publisher Account and get approved within one to two business days!
* Select more than one ad formats, from Text Ad, banner ads, to Pop-under and interstitial ads!
* Receive great Click earnings with high Click rate with our Inline Text Ads.
* Serve the most targeted ad based on your website’s content with Our Contextual technology
* Allow additional way of income opportunity with our Newly launch URL targeting.
* Set minimum rates with Clicksor Control on chances of upgrading to Premium Publisher
* Apply for XML feed partnership opportunity
* Utilize Default Ad feature to monetize your ad space and traffic with other networks’ ad codes.

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