Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Storm Warriors: Nice use of 'comics art' in its official website

Yes. Visit the official website of the movie, "The Storm Warriors". Under 'Gallery', you click 'Comics Art' & you'll be presented with a 12-page artwork. The above screenshots are the comics art for the 2 characters 'Second Dream' & 'Chu Chu'.

For those who missed the first movie, The Storm Raiders, you may be interested to notice that Golden Village is offering "The Storm Warriors Movie Marathon". You get to watch THE STORM RIDERS and The Storm Warriors back-to-back on the big screen! It costs you $26 (if you are a GV Movie Club members) or $32 (if you are a non-member). The price includes free flow of popcorn & drinks.

The synopsis of the movie, The Storm Warriors is quite linear (the special effect must compensate the simple plot, I guess). Quoted from Wikipedia post on The Storm Warriors:

The evil Japanese warlord Lord Godless (Simon Yam) desires to conquer China. He imprisons a large number of pugilists and attempts to make them subjugate. Among the captives are Cloud (Aaron Kwok) and the Mou Lam legend Nameless (Kenny Ho). Wind (Ekin Cheng) comes to their rescue and the trio fight with Lord Godless.

However, they are no match for him and suffer grave wounds. Cloud's lover Chu Chu (Tang Yan) is knocked out when she shields him from Godless' attack. The other pugilists sacrifice their lives to buy time for the trio to escape, hoping that the trio will return to defeat Godless one day and save their nation.

Chu Chu is badly injured and remains unconscious. Cloud feels remorseful and vows to take his revenge.

Wind chooses to take the evil path to improve his prowess in martial arts more quickly and defeat Lord Godless. During his training, he meets Second Dream (Charlene Choi), who will become his future lover. Meanwhile, Godless' minions come to attack and they disrupt Wind's training when Wind tries to save Second Dream from the invaders. Wind disappears after killing some enemies.

Lord Godless took The Emperor in captivity and stationed his troops in Heaven Cave. Cloud arrived alone and started a combat with Lord Godless. Lord Godless had the upper hand. Suddenly, the half-evil Wind appeared and joined the battle. Durng the fight, they inadvertently discover the "Lung Mak" (aka Dragon Bones), the spiritual foundation of the Chinese empire. They also recognize that the Japanese invaders were actually planning to seize the secret object and use it for the domination of China. The secret has been concealed in an ancient tomb, a forbidden ground below the Chinese imperial palace.

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