Monday, January 18, 2010

Batman: The Killing Joke (The Deluxe Edition)

No joke this graphic novel "Batman: The Killing Joke"! Managed to get hold of the deluxe edition (published in 2008) of the classic masterpiece first published in 1988.

This pivotal story (which involves Barbara Gordon being shot by the Joker and thus, retired from her role as Batgirl and later to become the wheelchair-bound Oracle) was written by Alan Moore & the artist was Brian Bolland.

For the 1988 edition of "Batman: The Killing Joke", the coloring was done by John Higgins.

The Deluxe Editon has Brian Bolland himself did the remastering of the colour. It's said in the Introduction by Tim Sale (yes, the artist himself for the TV series HEROES), that "Bolland's colors are characteristically thoughtful and restrained."

But what I like most is how the flashback sequences have Bolland "washes out all color in each one...but chooses to spotlight an object in each in increasingly shades of red, all leading up to...the Red Hood".

Anyway, here are some samples from the Net that showcase side by side the 'original' (1988) version and the Deluxe Edition (2008).

So which one do you like best?

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