Friday, January 29, 2010

Kingdom Come | Kingdom Comedy

Currently re-reading DC graphic novel "Kingdom Come". Used to find the story unbearably dull with Alex Ross' gouache style of painting pretentious. (Really, it's much an ache to see not only the cover page, but also the whole content of the book drawn that way.)

Used to.

But after having chanced to read "Thy Kingdom Come" (which by the way is also a graphic novel), I came to appreciate Alex Ross' technique of drawing (See, he drew the cover page for the series) & made me want to give a previously scorned "Kingdom Come" a second chance.

Well, I still hate "Kingdom Come". Then again I'm grateful that it gave me enough reason to try to dedicate a post for this "Kingdom Come" which led me to the discovery of this hilarious redrawn of the cover. Featuring the almost forgotten DC character, "Captain Carrot"! Heh.

The good old days when Life can be so bright with a simple comic book. Sigh.

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