Saturday, May 15, 2010

A visit to Universal Studios Singapore (definitely will be a regular there!)

Universal Studios Singapore consists of 7 themed areas: Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York, and Hollywood.

(And from the way I spell out the list of the zones, you'd have guessed that I entered the amazing park & combed the area clockwise. I'm that organized! Hur hur.)

Bought online the ticket to Universal Studios Singapore for yesterday. Check out the site here. A lot of information are offered there. Don't be intimidated. Take your time to browse through.

In short, under 'RESERVATIONS', select the 'Date of Visit' of your preference & click 'Check Availability'. Yes. It's that simple. And remember to print your tickets once you buy them. Don't worry about the barcodes in the ticket. If any problem in scanning the printed ticket in the entrance of the theme park, the staff will quickly help you.

The Friday ticket cost me $66. With the opening of the theme park is from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (previously it's 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM), I arrived there way earlier before the opening. To get used to the surroundings (read: to check about the Casino and how to raid it. Hur hur.).

I found myself pleasantly surprised when the gate to the theme park was opened earlier about 9:45 AM & even happier when I was told to go to 'Guests Relations' to pick up a $10 meal voucher & a $5 gift voucher. Sweet! Not aware about that before!

Silently thanking myself for not ignoring the full-of-smile staff who told me where to pick up the vouchers, I joined the fast queue to get my vouchers!

Before the Big Day (I've been waiting for a chance to visit this Universal Studios Singapore!), I've been doing some reading on the reviews of the theme park. One of the best reviews ought to be from mrbrown in CNNGo, "It's finally open -- First look (and ride) at Universal Studios Singapore".

And yes, with the sequence of the zones I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I'm glad to take a break watching 'Monster Rock' (the last show at 1730 hrs). Their take on The Wonder Girls' "Nobody" is hilarious! Clueless about the song? Check the very popular YouTube clip here. More than 25 million views! No wonder the monsters pick up the song. Heh.)

Okay. Now for some random & selected photos.

1. The entrance. Yes, there is that big globe with big Universal sign. I just want to take some other entrance picture.

2. Puss in Boots. My favourite character in Shrek epic.

3. The Singaporean Squire boy briefing the audience prior to entrance to "Shrek 4-D Adventure". 4-D, 4D, lottery. Argh. Why am I still thinking about gambling?!

4. Justice is served. Goldilocks from "The Story of the Three Bears" is finally in jail.

5. Amber Rock Climb was something I'd like to try. If only I remember to wear sport shoes. And not slippers.

6. The Lost World. The 2 rides: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure & Canopy Flyer were the two rides with the longest queue that day. But they're worth queuing.

7. Far Far Away castle from a distance. Sleek.

8. WaterWorld. Live show. You'd never guess there's a shortage of water here in Singapore.

9. See what I mean??? But seriously, it's a great show. So great that I didn't take many shots of the performance.

10. Ancient Egypt. I took this photo just because there's another signboard "The Lost World" nearby. Ancient Egypt is lost, in a sense, indeed.

11. Treasure Hunters. Didn't try it because the queue was surprisingly long. And never intended, anyway. The lady in the picture might be saying the same thing. No time, kids!

12. Buy! No, sell! Argh. Did we make a mistake in keying in the price?!?!

13. Simply...awesome!!

14. Pity the main attraction of Battlestar Galactica 2 rides (Human and Cylon) part of Sci-Fi City are under maintenance. Happy with this shot, though, because of the kid. Check his shirt & compare to the man with long legs' colorful suit.

15. Had a thick milkshake in Mel's Drive-in. A healthy way to end the day...and recover from the shock suffered since 'Revenge of the Mummy' ride...and to get ready for the musical "Monster Rock" in Pantages Hollywood Theater.

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