Thursday, June 03, 2010

Scam | Message From Hong Leong Bank Malaysia

Well I personally don't think highly of Malaysian banks. Okay, just kidding. But to expect that the following badly written rubbish of a junk mail was really from a Malaysian bank?! Nah, no way!!!

Dear Friend,

I am Lee Chan the MD of hong leong bank in malaysia.One of our major customer who died with his wife and only child in a bomb blast made a fixed deposit of $22.4 Million in my branch.From investigations,he did not declear any next of kin so,i need you as a foreigner to act as the next of kin to get this fund for released.My Attorney will perfect the legal documents to make the transaction easy.If you are willing to do this transaction with me do contact me more details on this email:

Best Regards,
Shaw Barbara On Behalf Of
Lee Chan.

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