Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OMG the show belongs to nobody but J.M.T. (Jill Marie Thomas)!

I must admit, though, that it's a cruel choice of Jill Marie Thomas (or J.M.T. like in her YouTube clip, "Nobody (Wondergirls) - J.M.T.") to challenge the fellow challenger of the night, Dan Thompson (who started the show for tonight by challenging--and beating--the contender from the previous week, Jumping Jewels.)

She should have challenged others (and for sure, she would have easily won, too).

Dan Thompson's performance was sparkling. It was a treat to see him performing the two songs: "You Raise Me Up" as he challenged Jumping Jewels and "Me and Mrs. Jones" as he's being challenged by J.M.T.

A pity that he's ousted.


But J.M.T.'s rendition of Wondergirls' Nobody is just cool. Simply a wonder girl! (You truly deserve to win!) She did manage to make it her own original song effortlessly. No fancy dance. Nada. Just her & her guitar.

Just like in her YouTube clip below.

Yes, as per the screenshot above, she'll be performing on 26/09/10 8 PM at the 15 Minutes Cafe (La Salle College of Arts).

No thanks to ladyironchef, the famous blog "ieatishootipost" to be renamed as ieatIPAYishootipost???

The recent shameful furore on a certain food blogger by the pseudonym of ladyironchef has led me to know another more popular & definitely more credible food blogger. His blog address is "". The curious me soon pay a visit to this website--all along wondering whether he will soon change his website to "". Heh.

By the way, the author of "" is one Dr. Leslie Tay. Now that's what I'd say as a PROFESSIONAL! Even credits him as an expert in food and drink.

So I guess there's no need for him to change his blog to "", huh? Hur hur.

Post Script:
I just realised I did take a photo of Dr. Leslie Tay in the Big Eat Out! on 22/11/08. Even blogged about the event. The pic of him is shown under item no.4.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ebiet G. Ade - Berita Kepada Kawan (A Letter to a Friend)

Attempted to translate a wonderful lyric of Ebiet G. Ade's song, "Berita Kepada Kawan". Check out the fantastic classic here.

This trip is truly heartbreaking
Pity that you're not right beside me, Dear Friend
There are a lot of tales to be witnessed
In this dry, dying stony Land

My body is shaken by the road
My heart by the sight of the dying grass
The journey is seemingly like a witness
To the cry of a little shepherd boy

Dear Friend, try to listen to the answer
As I ask on his cries, "Why?"
Both his parents have long departed
Victims to the cruel disaster of the Land

When I reach to the sea, I'll tell them all
To the cliff, to the waves, and to the Sun
But all stay still, but all stay silent
Just me alone looking up to the sky

Perhaps there the answer I shall find
Of why the disaster hit my Land
Perhaps God starts to be sick of us
Who are always untrue; yet proud of our sins
Or Nature--reluctant to befriend us anymore?
Well, let's just ask those dying grass

The original text in Bahasa Indonesia:

Perjalanan ini terasa sangat menyedihkan
Sayang, engkau tak duduk di sampingku, kawan
Banyak cerita yang mestinya kau saksikan
di tanah kering berbatuan

ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Tubuhku terguncang di hempas batu jalanan
Hati tergetar menampak kering rerumputan
Perjalanan ini pun seperti jadi saksi
gembala kecil menangis sedih ho ho ho ho

Kawan coba dengar apa jawabnya
ketika ia kutanya "Mengapa?"
Bapak ibunya telah lama mati
ditelan bencana tanah ini

Sesampainya di laut kukabarkan semuanya
kepada karang, kepada ombak, kepada matahari
tetapi semua diam, tetapi semua bisu
Tinggal aku sendiri terpaku menatap langit

Barangkali di sana ada jawabnya
mengapa di tanahku terjadi bencana
Mungkin Tuhan mulai bosan melihat tingkah kita
yang selalu salah dan bangga dengan dosa-dosa
atau alam mulai enggan bersahabat dengan kita
Coba kita bertanya pada rumput yang bergoyang

ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Kawan coba dengar apa jawabnya
ketika ia ku tanya "Mengapa?"
Bapak ibunya telah lama mati
ditelan bencana tanah ini

Sesampainya di laut kukabarkan semuanya
kepada karang, kepada ombak, kepada matahari
tetapi semua diam, tetapi semua bisu
Tinggal aku sendiri terpaku menatap langit

Barangkali di sana ada jawabnya
mengapa di tanahku terjadi bencana
Mungkin Tuhan mulai bosan melihat tingkah kita
yang selalu salah dan bangga dengan dosa-dosa
atau alam mulai enggan bersahabat dengan kita
Coba kita bertanya pada rumput yang bergoyang

ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

PS. 'ho ho ho' are definitely NOT a laughter.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Liar Game: The Final Stage (Why must it only featured in Golden Village?!)

Liar Game: The Final Stage

Yes. Groan. Why must this movie, "Liar Game: The Final Stage" featured in only Golden Village??? Even only 4 of the GV cinemas, namely at GV VivoCity, GV Plaza, GV Marina, and GV Tampines.

I swear that I will never watch any movie at Golden Village (here's why if you're so busybody about it). Then again, I want to watch this movie!!

Oh well, another option is to wait for its DVD release.

Golden Village - Liar Game: The Final Stage

Mangekyō Sharingan of Puss in the Boots

Mangekyō Sharingan of Puss in the Boots. Check out this clip. Now we know why Puss in the Boots is such a formidable character in the movie, Shrek.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Hunt for Gollum - the exciting (unofficial) prequel to The Lord of The Rings

The Lord of the Ring fans have rejoiced. At least total of 4,601,681 viewers have enjoyed this unofficial prequel to The Lord of the Rings dramatising Aragorn & Gandalf's long search for Gollum. The duration of the movie is quite decent--40 minutes & it's unbelievable that it only cost $5,000. Watch this free show, "The Hunt for Gollum" & enjoy it.

Riverpoint Clarke Quay sponsored this post?! I wish...

Ha. This is getting too predictable. Coming soon "The Hooters sponsored this post?!" Hur hur. Right...

To continue to this post, this shot was taken in a rather squatting position (I acted like a tourist, so yes, the action is excusable) & in a rather prolong manner as I was waiting for the boat to pass across the chains in a certain angle.

Prudential "We Listen" sponsored this post?! I wish...

Still hovering around Central, I managed to get this shot. Employing the 'waiting' technique as mentioned in the previous post.

HSBC sponsored this post?! I wish...

I happened to read an article about tips on being a good photographer. One of the them is about how a photographer must have a strong bladder as he/she will often need to wait till all the pieces just fall nicely to the setting.

Put it in practice, I chanced this nice mosaic wall just right HSBC near Central (opposite of Clarke Quay). It was a quiet weekday & I wish there's somebody just passed by in front of the wall. The wait was not that long, luckily. And I got the shot I intended to have!

(And no, this post is--sadly--not sponsored by HSBC aka The World's Local Bank.)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Green Manor: Assassins and Gentlemen, The Inconvenience of Being Dead

Currently enjoying Green Manor Part 1: Assassins and Gentlemen. Looking forward to Green Manor Part 2: The Inconvenience of Being Dead.

Cinebook the publisher has this to say on Green Manor: "Impossible investigations, perfect crimes, a “série noire” whose plot draws the reader into the mystery!"

Sesame Street Ernie & Bert are Gay?!?!

Ha! No, they're not. Ernie & Bert are just puppets! Still it's quite amusing to watch this clip, "Gay protest signs (funny)".

My other favorite gay protest sign is at 2:06 clip stated, "If God hates fags, why are we so cute?"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume III: Century

Fantastic auction at Ebay. Current bid: US $0.99. But it will cost $5.00 for US Postal Service Parcel Post. Darn.

Oh well, I can't wait to have this graphic novel, "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume III: Century". But I will definitely not that impatient as to pay more for the postal fee. Heh.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Singapore Police Force sue Stomper Woo for defamation?

I don't know about you but to me, the statement of Stomper Woo sounds very much a defamation.

Partially quoted from Stomp, "Part 2 of couple making out on S'pore flag: Police report made but cops can't be bothered":
"To my disappointment, the police didn't show much concern for the misuse of our national flag."

Stomper Woo must have neglected to realise how much works Singapore Police Force are handling. Just pay a quick visit to the website, "Singapore Police Force" & you'll read about how a serial housebreaker arrested, 3 youth loanshark runners to be charged, a snatch thief arrested and a taxi robber arrested, to mention some.

C'mon. Get real. Do not expect Singapore Police Force to do everything. What you needed to do, instead, Stomper Woo was to advise the young couple. Immediately. On the spot.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chunkfest 2010 by Ben & Jerry's at Promontory@Marina Bay

12 exclusive flavours of the ice cream will be especially flown in for this event. A trivia: This hopefully an annual event, Chunkfest started in year 2008. This year Chunkfest to be held on 04 Sept at Promontory, Marina Bay from 2:30 PM to 11 PM.

You can vote which flavor should stay here (The flavor with the highest votes gets to stay! As per now, the flavor with the highest vote so far is Hannah Teter's Maple Blondie. A quick description on this flavor: Maple Ice Cream with Blonde Brownie Chunks & a Maple Caramel Swirl).

What I don't get is that if these 12 flavours are new, shouldn't one try each of the unique ice cream first prior to casting one's vote?

Oh well, beside indulging yourself in ice cream (yes, you still have to pay, though. What do you expect?!), you can also vote which bands shall perform.

There are altogether 6 bands of which three are confirmed to perform: 53A, Jack & Rai, and Tabula.

The other 3 bands shall be chosen from your votes on these 6 bands: Leeson, Life In Colour, Plainsunset, The Goodboys, and The Marilyns.

Interesting, eh?

And do check out also about Vermonster Challenge & how to sign up here. (Note--and quoted from Ben & Jerry's - Chunkfest 2010 on Vermonster Challenge: "To participate, you or your friends must first confirm your or their attendance for Chunk Fest 2010 via Facebook Connect.

You can either create a team or have your friend add you as a member. To create a team, you have to provide a team name and add your friends to join your team. Each team consists of 4 members (you + 3 other friends).

Only the first 20 teams to register for the Vermonster Challenge will qualify. On the day of the event, teams will have to register their attendance at our booth before 4pm. Teams who do not turn up will be disqualified and available spots will be open to the public.")

I'm seriously considering to attend this event. And to pay a tribute to someone who first introduced me to Ben & Jerry's. Life's delicious; hope in the next life you get to enjoy a more variety and rich taste of Ben & Jerry's.

Hippie Hooray! Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Can you taste the excitement that’s coming your way? Right behind the curtain, we are buzzing like bees as Chunk Fest sets to take on centre-stage once again.

It’s the very same, one and only, hippie-themed ice cream festival held once every year in Singapore, since 2008. Celebrating all things good – peace, love and of course, Vermont’s finest ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

This year, we’re swirling in more groovy mixes of hippy-trippy ice cream (with 12 exclusive flavors, specially flown in just-for-the-day), sweet sweet moosic, and lots of other fun-tastic activities – like the ever-awesome Vermonster Challenge everyone loves!

So get ready to party like never before at Chunk Fest 2010 – it’s gonna be a real blast from the past!

That’s right! This Chunk Fest, we’re letting you have your say – on which of our 12 exclusive specially flown in flavors gets to stay, which bands get to play and who gets to be on your team for the Vermonster Challenge.

From Ben & Jerry's - Chunkfest 2010, "About".

Johnny Crash in The Biggest American Show

The aged, fatter and alive Elvis Presley as He who Auditions the Contestant?

Forget OMG, check out Johnny Crash's performance in the biggest American show here. Heh.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

So give me Coffee and TV...

Man, it does seem like a history. This song, Coffee and TV is what made me hooked to music videos. This music video of the song, Coffee and TV, featured a cute milk cartoon in his quest to find the Owners' missing son aka one member of the band, Blur. Heh.

I love how the lyric that can seem to be a non sequitur. Like this part:
It's hard enough for me
Take me away from this big bad world
And agree to marry me
So we can start all over again

And 'agree to marry me' is what follows to 'Take me away from this big bad world'? I like how dazzlingly 'it-does-not-follow-logically' the statement is.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Inception - The Cobol Job (Prologue Graphic Novel to the movie, INCEPTION)

Inception - The Cobol Job. Read this 19-page prequel comic (or graphic novel) online for free. It will more or less address & answer the debate whether the whole Inception movie is one big dream or not.