Saturday, September 11, 2010

Executioner of Resident Evil Afterlife vs Pyramid Head of Silent Hill


Pyramid Head

I've got what I wanted: Resident Evil Afterlife - a 2D version! Screw 3D!

However, the show still sucks though. And I couldn't help my mind wondering what happened if Executioner (the hooded giant man wielding a giant axe in the movie, Resident Evil Afterlife) were to fight Pyramid Head (another giant man with a pyramid as his head--don't ask--wielding a giant sword featured in the movie, Silent Hill).

Tough. Who do you think would win & why?


sonick said...

pyramid head would win because if you have ever played silent hill 2, you see that he is un-killable by others. only he can kill himself.

Curtis said...

agreed, pyramid head would kick executioners ass, no contest.

but is there anyone else besides me who's angry that resident evil basically took pyramid head and gay'd him up for their movie?
the very SECOND i saw him i thought of pyramid head, i mean if they did a better job on him i wouldn't be so pissed, but it totally ruined the movie for me.. not that it was very good anyway,

zak said...

I think i would want to be in the middle of that fight and kick both their asses xD