Friday, February 25, 2011

Movie posters of Best Picture Oscars nominees - and the winner is...

I know this is shallow, but if the selection of the Best Picture of the Oscars is based on the artwork of the movie poster, I'd say the winner goes to...Black Swan because it's just so simplistic with its dominant use of black (feathers) and white (background) and a deceptive red bloody hand promising a deadly secret.

The Oscars nominees for BEST PICTURE:

- Black Swan

- The Fighter

- Inception

- The Kids Are All Right

- The King's Speech

- 127 Hours

- The Social Network

- Toy Story 3

- True Grit

- Winter's Bone

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Insextion or breaking into a person's WET dream?!?!

You saw the spectacular, mind-boggling movie, "Inception". You've seen the parody of the trailer, "Inebriation". Now you shall see yet another parody, "Insextion" (aptly defined as 'breaking into a person's WET dream'. LOL!!)

Revisiting "House of the Rising Sun"

The Animals performing House of the Rising Sun

Many years later, Eric Burdon of The Animals performing the song

Wandering aimlessly in the world of YouTube, and chanced upon this oldies, "The House of The Rising Sun". The lyric is deceivingly simple & (not truly) straight to the point, but enchanting (Now the only thing a gambler needs | Is a suitcase and trunk | And the only time he's satisfied | Is when he's on a drunk) Real nice. Heh.

According to Wikipedia on the song:
The phrase "House of the Rising Sun" is often understood as a euphemism for a brothel, but it is not known whether or not the house described in the lyrics was an actual or fictitious place.

One theory speculated the song is about a daughter who killed her father, an alcoholic gambler who had beaten his wife. Therefore, the House of the Rising Sun may be a jail-house, from which one would be the first person to see the sun rise (an idea supported by the lyric mentioning "a ball and chain," though that phrase has been used as slang to describe marital relationships for at least as long as the song has been in print).

Because the song was often sung by women, another theory is that the House of the Rising Sun was where prostitutes were detained while they were treated for syphilis. Since cures with mercury were ineffective, going back was very likely.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tila Tequila: Don't you wish your teacher was hot like me?!

While we're still talking about teachers, do you remember Tila Tequila as a hot teacher 'promoting' education about Myanmar in this clip, "Tila Tequila - Hot for Teacher - Myanmar Burma It Can't Wait".

She is by the way a Singaporean-born American model, singer, rapper, and television personality. And she has a Wikipedia article about her!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

InuYasha & its fantastic soulful songs

Currently hooked with the anime, InuYasha and also with its 2nd ending song, "Deep Forest" (by the group, "Do As Infinity") as well as its 4th opening song, "Grip!" (by the group, "Every Little Thing").

Do As Infinity, "Deep Forest" | English translation of the lyric here

Every Little Thing, "Grip!" | English translation of the lyric here

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Woodlands Waterfront - photos (part 1)

To follow up this article, "Woodlands Waterfront is here - how to get there?", here are some random photos--which can easily go to this "clouds" blog of mine.

No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family. Check out the promising trailer here. This TV series ought to be in my "One day must watch" list. Heh.

But the bad news is ABC may not be renewing this series. Check out this Airlock Alpha, "'No Ordinary Family' Not On ABC's Renewal Short List".

Sucker Punch for the Year of the Rabbit

Sucker Punch. Can't resist not to snap the photo of the display from Cathay AMK Hub. Especially because of the pink rabbit drawing on the battle suit. Rabbit. Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. Get it? Heh.

Sucker Punch trailer & official website here