Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Media Fiesta 2011 feat. Dynamite Johnson!!

Got this email from Media Development Authority.

Wish to reminisce on local-made movies? Join us down the memory lane of local films for FREE!

Catch this rare outdoor movie experience in the heart of town with families and friends. You can enjoy local films of different genres back from the 1960s to recent productions. Free goodie bags and popcorn are out for grabs, while stocks last!

To register, visit http://www.smf.sg/mediafiesta/2011/Pages/MoviesUndertheStars.aspx.

The subject header of the email is by the way "Media Fiesta: Join us for FREE movie screening (26 - 27 March)!".

Interesting, eh?

Media Fiesta 2011 "Singapore Movies under the Stars"

I checked the website & chanced upon the title of one of the free movies, "Dynamite Johnson".

Apparently it was a 1978 show. A classic (?!) yet difficult to find info about the show. "Dynamite Johnson". Should have been renamed it as "Elusive Johnson". Only get the following synopsis from this particular page of the website, Superheroeslive.com:

Very cool and exciting low-budget wonder from Singapore starring nine year-old karate champion Johnson Yap as the world's first bionic boy, who teams up with his sexy auntie (Marrie Lee, reprising her Cleopatra Wong character) to track down and defeat a nasty Nazi with the dubious name of Kuntz.

The real name of the title character is Johnson Yap, previously the star of the Philippine actioner The Bionic Boy. Young Mr. Yap is, not surprisingly, part machine; fortunately his bionic mechanisms are in his legs, enabling him to outrun the battalions of villains he confronts throughout the film. The main heavy is a disenfranchised Nazi who plans to--all together now--RULE THE WORLD. To do this, he creates a device that paralyzes one's mind.

Casts: Johnson Yap ... Bionic Boy
Marrie Lee ... Cleopatra Wong
Susan Beacher
Kerry Chandler
Pete Cooper
Franco Guerrero
Carole King
David McCoy
Ken Metcalfe
Steve Nicholson
Clem Persons
Debra Rogers
Ron Rogers
Kathleen Scherini
Joseph Zucchero

I have more luck in finding out more about one of the stars in the movie, Marrie Lee. Thank you as always, Wikipedia! Heh.

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