Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dr Chee Soon Juan as the Red Lantern??

I too like many of you enjoy the creativity of how politicians (mostly oppositions, so far) depicted in the movie poster.

But I draw a line & ought to voice out my objection when I read in Alvinology II post, "Singapore Election Candidates Spoof Movie Posters" (yes, there are many interesting artworks! Heh.) about how the above poster of Dr Chee Soon Juan is said to refer to the Flash. No Sir, he is no the Flash (not a flasher, either! Hur hur.). That poster for sure refers to that of the Green Lantern. The caption of "No evil shall escape my sight"--that's a giveaway as part of the Green Lantern's oath:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!

Green Lantern movie - scheduled to release in June this year!

But then, why is Dr Chee Soon Juan shown as the Red Lantern? (Yes, this character does exist. There's even the Red Lantern Corps, in fact.)

But as a Red Lantern, Dr Chee must aware that it is not altogether flattering. Check the oath of this rage-spectrum lantern:

With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all--That is your fate!

Uh-huh. How appropriate if Dr Chee is perceived as a furious politician full of rage. Well, is he? Perception deceives. Just check out the following YouTube clip, "Chee Soon Juan delivers SDP's election message in Hokkien" in which he speaks so calmly. Yeah. Boring. But it has gathered 126,077 views so far. Well, puzzling...

Monday, April 25, 2011

... and a "Girlfriend"

Yeah. You need a "Girlfriend"! Admit it. (Kind of sexist, really. Just like in the previous post of You need a "Boyfriend"!)

You need a "Boyfriend"...

Lol. I love how sullen the expression of the 'boyfriend'.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mentos the Freshmaker ... a killer ad!!

When I said 'killer', I meant it literally. Heh. Next time, do watch out when you run to a watercooler & hit on someone who may soon consume a Mentos & hit you silly to the death with a Joker-like grin. Haha!

Such a simple lyric of the classic advertisement of Mentos. Endearing, though.

'Doo doo doo doo, doo-doo, do-Wah!'
It doesn't matter what comes, fresh goes better in life, and Mentos is fresh and full of life.

Nothing gets to you, staying fresh staying cool, with Mentos, fresh and full of life.

Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness, fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life!

Mentos, the Freshmaker!

Friday, April 22, 2011

French people like Anime...

Okay. I only found one so far of the opening song of the anime dubbed in French. The anime happens to Death Note. Yay! Any other recommendation of other animes' opening song in French? Do recommend!

You may also like to enjoy the opening song of various animes in Spanish language & in Bahasa Indonesia. Check out respectively these post, "Spaniards like Animes!!" and "Indonesians too like Animes!!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Indonesians too like Animes!!

Yeah. You read about how Spaniards like animes such that the opening songs of the shows are dubbed in their language. Guess what? So are Indonesians. The followings are the example: Hunter X Hunter, Detective Conan, Ghosts at School.

Hunter X Hunter

Detective Conan

Ghosts at School

Spaniards like Animes!!

Yes. It's official! Heh. Just take a look at how they even dub the opening songs of the following popular animes: InuYasha, Getbackers, GTO.




Heineken Commercial 2011 - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Yes. This clip "Heineken Commercial 2011 - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour" featured the full catchy song--about 3 minutes plus--of the shorter (only 1 1/2 minutes) Heineken advert.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Basrah with a scam...

We're learning more about Basrah (or Basra) from a scam. Heh. It is the capital of Basra Governorate, in southern Iraq near Kuwait and Iran. It had an estimated population of two millions as of 2009.

Boring. The scam is, however, not. Supposedly from one Madam Henan Abdul-Haleem Ali (, the content of the scam is quoted as followings:


My names are Madam Henan Abdul-Haleem Ali from Basrah address: shu'aiba \basrah refinery\refinery houses: no. (20)Basrah city.

My husband engineering contractor Basrah oil Refinery Company Ltd. Whom was killed by bomb last attack on his way to work. His convoy came under attack by roadside bomb blast killing his driver & body guards.

Before my husband death he received the sum of $11million from the Iraqi UN OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAME, IRAQI OIL MINISTRY for contracts (SOC) SOUTH OIL COMPANY BASRAH for supplies of equipments & materials re/construction of north & south Ruwaila laying pipe lines oil refinery, destroyed by war.

Iraq very bad turning into civil war, shia against Sunni, our position not good we are not safe/ my purpose to contact you, I need to use your company & invest $11million as partner with you as my investment manager.

I and my children want to go out of Iraq & live in peace, I need foreign businessman or woman to help me in investment business & buy home villa in to live with my four children in your country.

Please reply back.

Madam Hanan Abdu-halim

Lesson learnt from depositing adBrite cheque

Remember the joy when I received this adBrite cheque amount of US$103.76? Well, it's kinda short lived. I use DBS to get the money & alas, there are the following charges applicable:
- Commission S$10.00
- Postage S$4.00
- Agent Charges US$5.00 (= S$6.33)

Altogether I was deducted S$20.33. So with the cheque valued at $129.63, I easily lost almost 1/6 of the original amount. Heh. Bitter.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Disney & Sucker Punch trailer mash-up ... FANTASTIC!!

So what do you think about this "Disney Punch Mash-Up Trailer"? Very nicely mashed-up, I'd say! Thumbs up!!

The Best of Dorkly Bits: Charizard's Revenge, Awkward Double Dragon, Koopa Gets A Star, Bomberman Goodbye, The Koopa King's Speech

I find the following 5 ought to be the best of 'Dorkly Bits' YouTube clips. Heh.

- Dorkly Bits: Charizard's Revenge
- Dorkly Bits: Awkward Double Dragon
- Dorkly Bits: Koopa Gets A Star
- Dorkly Bits: Bomberman Goodbye
- Dorkly Bits: The Koopa King's Speech

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Official Rowan Atkinson Live - Full length standup

Official Rowan Atkinson Live - Full length standup. As long as 1 hour plus of pure comedy! Heh.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Creatures comforts - Being a bird

Creatures comforts - Being a bird. Great clip! Heh. "Bird's stay in the air by magic". LOL.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Darkest Ending in Video Game History

The Darkest Ending in Video Game that of Double Dragon!! Seeing is believing. Check out the clip!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Poverty tells many stories

Poverty tells many stories. A touching clip which somewhat reminds me to the movie, "Life is Beautiful".

Exclusive 'Puss In Boots' Trailer

'Puss In Boots' Trailer. Check the exclusive trailer here. There's even already a Wikipedia entry on this much expected (at least I do expect it!!) show. Heh.

Sucker Punch - Animated Short : The Trenches

A real visual treat. Check this short animation, "Sucker Punch - Animated Short : The Trenches" inspired by the dark, sexy movie, "Sucker Punch".