Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Basrah with a scam...

We're learning more about Basrah (or Basra) from a scam. Heh. It is the capital of Basra Governorate, in southern Iraq near Kuwait and Iran. It had an estimated population of two millions as of 2009.

Boring. The scam is, however, not. Supposedly from one Madam Henan Abdul-Haleem Ali (, the content of the scam is quoted as followings:


My names are Madam Henan Abdul-Haleem Ali from Basrah address: shu'aiba \basrah refinery\refinery houses: no. (20)Basrah city.

My husband engineering contractor Basrah oil Refinery Company Ltd. Whom was killed by bomb last attack on his way to work. His convoy came under attack by roadside bomb blast killing his driver & body guards.

Before my husband death he received the sum of $11million from the Iraqi UN OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAME, IRAQI OIL MINISTRY for contracts (SOC) SOUTH OIL COMPANY BASRAH for supplies of equipments & materials re/construction of north & south Ruwaila laying pipe lines oil refinery, destroyed by war.

Iraq very bad turning into civil war, shia against Sunni, our position not good we are not safe/ my purpose to contact you, I need to use your company & invest $11million as partner with you as my investment manager.

I and my children want to go out of Iraq & live in peace, I need foreign businessman or woman to help me in investment business & buy home villa in to live with my four children in your country.

Please reply back.

Madam Hanan Abdu-halim


Kris said...

There are always many different stupid scam around. =/

Anonymous_X said...

Creativity abounds, doesn't it? :|