Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lesson learnt from depositing adBrite cheque

Remember the joy when I received this adBrite cheque amount of US$103.76? Well, it's kinda short lived. I use DBS to get the money & alas, there are the following charges applicable:
- Commission S$10.00
- Postage S$4.00
- Agent Charges US$5.00 (= S$6.33)

Altogether I was deducted S$20.33. So with the cheque valued at $129.63, I easily lost almost 1/6 of the original amount. Heh. Bitter.


HanNeng said...

why not deposit to Citibank?

Foreign check clearance at Citibank Singapore is free.

Kelvin said...

Lol, bloodsucker~

Anonymous_X said...

HanNeng: Thanks for the input. I don't know about it. And in any case, I don't have a saving account with Citibank. (Time to have one, I guess.)

Kelvin: Yeah, you said it, man. You said it. :)