Monday, May 02, 2011

A Chinese Ghost Story 2011 - the best movie poster

I must admit I still prefer the original 1987 movie, "A Chinese Ghost Story" (aka Ch'ien-nü Yu-hun aka "The Ethereal Spirit of a Beauty").

'Ethereal'...hmm, what on earth does this word mean? According to Merriem-Webster dictionary, 'ethereal'--an adjective--is defined as:

1a : of or relating to the regions beyond the earth
b : celestial, heavenly
c : unworldly, spiritual

2a : lacking material substance : immaterial, intangible
b : marked by unusual delicacy or refinement
c : suggesting the heavens or heaven

3: relating to, containing, or resembling a chemical ether

Hmmm...shall we consider the alternative titles, then?
- "The Celestial Spirit of a Beauty". (Well, pompous)
- "The Heavenly Spirit of a Beauty". (Ditto)
- "The Unworldly Spirit of a Beauty". (Nah, not attractive)
- "The Spiritual Spirit of a Beauty". (Heh. Redundant!)
- "The Immaterial/Intangible Spirit of a Beauty". (Duh! Stating the obvious, aren't I? Which spirit is not immaterial/intangible?!)
- "The Unusually Refined Spirit of a Beauty". (Too lengthy. Not attractive)

Ah. So that's how it comes to "The Ethereal Spirit of a Beauty" (Sounds nice. Mysterious. Irregardless whether one knows the meaning of the word 'ethereal'. Hur hur.)

Alright. I digress. A lot. The intent of this post is actually to feature the 4 movie posters (source: various from the Internet).

The one I like the most is the 3rd one. The reason being is that it is the poster which has the least characters shown (the other 3 posters have simply too many!). Also I find the the 3rd poster has the most 'actions' (the 2 demon hunters, the tree demon, the constantly blur environmental agency(!) who is tasked to find a water source for a village & ends up falling in love with the beautiful Ghost, and of course the Ghost herself in running position & covering herself as Ghosts too apparently have their code of modesty).

How about you? Which poster do you prefer? And why?

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