Thursday, June 30, 2011

Popeye the classic 1st episode...

A great episode of Popeye the sailor man and with a great observation of by 5896chrisi, "To save one girl, popeye killed every single passenger in the whole train...". Heh.

Street Fighter: Legacy - Short Fan Film

3,062,186 views so far! Well, it is a cool clip! Heh.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena ... in maintenance mode

Heh. Cannot resist not to grab a screenshot of this Facebook Game, "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" -- as it's in 'maintenance mode'. The white box near the caption 'BACK SOON!' is kinda annoying, though.

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Girls

3,963,031 have viewed this clip!!

Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys!

In the Caribbean, Vervet Monkeys have developed a taste for alcohol and can regularly be spotted stealing cocktails from humans on the beach. Brilliant wildlife video from BBC animal show 'Weird Nature'. Even the monkeys can act tipsy?! Heh.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Muppets - Being Green Teaser Trailer

Can't stop my laughters when watching the intro:
In brightest day, in blackest night . . .
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who laugh at my lack of height . . .
Beware my banjo...Green Froggie's light!!!

Do You Speak English? LOL

Simon Pegg and the Big Train comedy sketch team perform a funny short on life of an English speaking tourist in France. Hilarious!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Presidential hopeful Ooi Boon Ewe makes 3rd attempt

Mr Ooi Boon Ewe. I might be despising this particular candidate, but on the second thought he deserves more chance to be featured in this humble blog of mine. Cannot just blog about the possibly unromantic Romance of the Three King Tans. Hur hur.

President wannabe Mohamed Raffi Bashir Ahmed - a follow up to "I Am No 4"

A belated follow-up to this post, "Presidential Racer Mohammed Raffi: "I Am No 4".", I've just found out this clip, "Fourth presidential hopeful collects forms (09 Jun 2011)".

Here's the description in the YouTube:
A man, under investigation for allegedly driving a van spray-painted with expletives into the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore premises in January, is thinking of running for the Elected President's post.

Mohamed Raffi Bashir Ahmed, 50, turned up at the Elections Department on Thursday to collect forms to contest the Presidential Election. He said he did so because a friend had promised to be his campaign manager.

Mr Raffi said he retired three years ago after he "made his bundle". He did not disclose whether he had been a CEO or chairman of a company.

He was the former owner of the Singapore Satay Club in Sembawang.

Mr Raffi said if he became President, he would want to help Singaporeans become better citizens. "I've seen the good side of Singapore. I've seen the bad side of Singapore. But the worst was the ugly side of Singapore. So I want to help repair the ugly side of Singapore first."

After the incident in January, Mr Raffi was arrested again in March for disorderly behaviour in Changi where he is alleged to have used expletives on police officers.

He was subsequently remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric assessments and later freed on bail. Investigations into the expletives-painted van incident are ongoing.

Earlier Thursday, a group of three unidentified men turned up together at the Elections Department. They are believed to have collected forms for the Certificate of Eligibility. They declined comment when asked by MediaCorp why they were there.

Applications opened on June 1, and will close on the third day after a writ is issued for the Presidential Election which must take place before August 31.

To date, former People's Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament (MP) Tan Cheng Bock, former NTUC Income chief Tan Kin Lian, and 70-year-old Mr Ooi Boon Ewe - who failed in his bid to contest the recent General Election as an independent candidate - have collected forms for the Presidential Election.

Representatives of former foreign affairs minister George Yeo on Monday collected the forms on his behalf.

MediaCorp understands that former group chief financial officer of JTC Corp, Andrew Kuan, will also be collecting the forms before the closing date.

So it is the same Mohamed Raffi Bashir Ahmed! Irregardless the use of 'Mohammed' (additional 'm' to the name). Heh. A (little) mystery is solved. Heh.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock: No Last Minute man for Presidential Election Candidate

The clip was uploaded on 1 June 2011. Dr Tan Cheng Bock believes in what he is doing and he does not want to be a last minute man.

The last-minute man running for President (no, I'm not necessarily referring to Dr Tony Tan), this clip is especially dedicated for you. Heh.

Dr Tony Tan on bloggers, defamation suits, and difficult decisions the President may have to make

Check out this YouTube user 'TonyTanOffice'. The above 3 clips were from Dr Tony Tan's news conference on 23 June 2011. Thought-provoking, alright.

Fantasia 2000 - Rhapsody in Blue

George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue -- an episode of 1930s-era New York City, depicting the day in the lives of several people within the Depression-era bustling metropolis, as scenes drawn in the style of Al Hirschfeld's famous cartoons of the era, including an animated cameo of Gershwin the composer himself at the piano (all through the use of "a simple line on a piece of paper").

The little girl in the hotel is based on the Eloise character created by Kay Thompson and the red-haired man is based on John Culhane, the author for the "making of" books for both Fantasia and Fantasia 2000.

Written and directed by Eric Goldberg
Music composer: George Gershwin
Based upon Brookside Hill
Art direction by Susan McKinsey Goldberg
Design consultant: Al Hirschfeld
Introduction by Quincy Jones
Performed by Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Featured pianist: Ralph Grierson
Conducted by: Bruce Broughton

Kung Fu Panda holiday special - watch 21 minutes++ clip!!

LOL. Enjoy the 21 minutes 35 seconds short movie of Kung Fu Panda holiday special!!

DreamWorks' Puss in Boots - Official Trailer

Brought to you by DreamWorks Animation's PUSS IN BOOTS, in theaters November 4, 2011!

Sentinel Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Sentinel Prime featured in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"? Woo hoo!!! Can hardly wait.

M&M sighting near Plaza Singapura

These photos taken yesterday are what I was referring to in this post, "Hilarious M&M advertisement...". Heh.

1. Live M&M-s near Plaza Singapura! Couldn't resist to snap this photo...

2. And also this one...

3. I was not the only one who couldn't resist the urge to take the photos.

4. The lady was showing the right way of holding the poster. Upside down. Heh.

5. The sighting of these sweet mutated candies to promote

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sex sells...this clip is the proof?!

Quoted from one of the comments: "let me ask you, who's being exploited? the girl whos getting payed? or the guy who has to buy the beer?"

What do you think? Heh.

Hilarious M&M advertisement...

This post will be the prelude to the next one where I posted some photos on the M&M sightings outside Plaza Singapore. Till then, enjoy the above funny clip. Row, row, row your boat...LOL!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

SuckSeed - ทุ้มอยู่ในใจ (Deep In My Heart)

Deep In My Heart ทุ้มอยู่ในใจ (OST. SuckSeed)

SuckSeed. Or perhaps that's meant to be spelt as 'succeed'. Heh. Nice OST, don't you think?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl, you smell good

Or perhaps you don't. Heh.

Have pity on your BF...


Clash of the three ti-TANs ... (Recap of Presidential Election candidates)

From left: Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Mr Tan Kin Lian, and Dr Tony Tan

The title of this post is obviously inspired by the movie, "Clash of the Titans".

A quick clarification: the size of the photos above is not at all related to my preference for the next Singapore presidents. It's just what I get from the Net, peeps. So do not over-speculate, okay?

To be fair, the Presidential election will not just be about the threesome Tan-s. Uhm. That sounds very wrong. Perhaps the better word is 'terrific'--and I mean it in the most positive manner--that is to say, 'extraordinary'. (Check out the 2nd meaning of the word 'terrific' courtesy of Yeah, sue me for being patronizing. Hur hur.)

Let's recap who are involved so far in the Presidential Election:

1. Dr Tan Cheng Bock
Featured in:
- Presidential Election: Tan vs Tan?
Dr Tan Cheng Bock will be the next President, thanks to Lim Boon Heng & Inderjit Singh...

2. Mr Tan Kin Lian
Featured in:
- Presidential Election: Tan vs Tan?
Tan Kin Lian for President?
Tan Kin Lian for President! (4 thoughtful questions by 'simple')
Tan Kin Lian President's Personal Council: 3 Reasons I'm Against It...
Super 8: Council of Presidential Advisers (Or why Mr Tan Kin Lian's idea of President's personal council starts appealing to me...)
Defender of Freedom is against Mr Tan Kin Lian's President's Personal Council

3. Mr Ooi Boon Ewe
Featured in:
- Oi, Ooi Boon Ewe ... now a President wannabe?!

4. Mr George Yeo (just in case if he changes his mind...again!)
Featured in:
- Presidential Amazing Race: The significance of 15 representatives for Mr George Yeo...and why it's encouraging that he runs for the Presidency
George Yeo will not be the President, so why does the sun go on shining?!?!

5. Mr Mohammed Raffi
Featured in:
- Presidential Racer Mohammed Raffi: "I Am No 4".

6. Mr Chiam See Tong (also in case he changes his mind...)
Featured in:
- Chiam See Tong: "I am not No 5"

7. Dr Tony Tan
Featured in:
- Dr Tony Tan the Government's preferred Presidential candidate? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
Dr Tony Tan is the next Singapore President?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Completely Honest Guy: Completely Honest First Date

LOL. Can't believe the choice that the dumbfounded lady makes in the end of the clip. NSFW...well, I guess!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stand Up! - Don't Stand for Homophobic Bullying

Irish anti homophobic bullying advertisement, created as part of BeLonG To Youth Services annual Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Weeks. The campaign promotes friendship amongst young people as a way to combat homophobic bullying.

580,701 views so far since it's upload on 1 April this year.

Do you stand up for homophobic bullying? Or are you just letting the bystander effect influences you? Reflect.

No Sandcastle clip, but PINK DOT 2011: SUPPORT THE FREEDOM TO LOVE - 18 JUNE 2011

Couldn't find Boo Junfeng's Sandcastle in YouTube, but managed to come across the video trailer of the PINK DOT 2011 event. There have been 229,314 views so far since it's uploaded on 13 May this year.

Do you have friends and family members who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender? What does it mean to support their freedom to love? What does this support symbolise, and what can it translate to? Watch this video to find out.

The event might have been over, but to raise the awareness is an ongoing, daily effort. (No, not that I'll blog about this cause everyday. Heh.)

Every time you use Internet Explorer 6, the internet is forced to strangle a small puppy...

Came across this cute 'error' page of Time Out Hong Kong when I try to learn (ehm) more about 3D Zen & Sex: Extreme Ecstasy (as blogged in the previous post).

The complete 'error' message accompanying the darn cute photo of the puppy is as follows:

Every time you use Internet Explorer 6, the internet is forced to strangle a small puppy.

This website is best experienced on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or, if you have to, Internet Explorer versions 7 or above. Upgrade now, people. For the sake of the puppies.

[LOL] Jedi Squirrel - levitatin' ur nuts.

funny pictures - Jedi Squirrel  levitatin' ur nuts

Sometimes we are treated with such a gem in LOLcats website. Heh.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Toast To Green Lantern

Green Lantern finally got his own movie. But not everyone's happy about it...LOL.

Popeyes & Art Friend Opening Specials at SMRT Xchanges

I received the email from SMRT with regards to the 2 promotions. Like the way they express this disclaimer: "SMRT respects your privacy. You have received this email as part of SMRT's efforts to keep you informed of SMRT events and promotions. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please email to with REMOVE in the subject header." Heh.

Nicely written. Really.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Best of Parallax ... and secret origin

Or is it the worst? Looking forward to watch the movie, Green Lantern. One of the villains mention is Parallax.

Now here's how Parallax is portrayed in the comic:

If you wonder how Parallax is originated, well this is its 'secret' origin:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

X-Men First Class: great movie, lack of mashups...

Quite disappointing that beside the X-Men First Class Mashup with the Star War series (check it out here), I only found the other 3 mashups. Thought the trailer of the movie can be the field of creativity for those movie lovers out there. Oh well...enjoy the following 3 mashups, okay?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You won't like me when I'm Angry....Birds!

Cute clip, "Rooster Teeth Shorts: Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)" with 6,228,047 views so far.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pwned??? Temasek Review Emeritus poor understanding of basic Paypal Donation feature leads to its own account being frozen...tsk tsk!!

Lesson learnt, Temasek Review Emeritus? Get a capable proxy account holder. And soon!

In the TRE article published yesterday, "PayPal wants proof that 'freedom of speech' was supplied and delivered", a hilariously silly correspondence happened in which Temasek Review Emeritus claimed that the Customer Service Officer of Paypal allegedly stated (in bold, moreover. Hur Hur!) that "PayPal cannot be used for collection of donations".

It's obviously wrong. A simple screenshot of PayPal own site on "Donations - Use PayPal to Easily Accept Donations to Your Site" should be enough to clarify the misunderstanding. Hard to imagine none in TRE has that basic knowledge!!

Also mentions in the PayPal page on Donations (not shown in the screenshot above) that 'over 100,000 nonprofits raise money using PayPal'.

As expected TRE decided to exaggerate the matter by giving up altogether the simple effort to unfreeze the account.

Until as and when we can provide proof from our supplier that we had ordered "freedom of speech" and delivery receipt for "freedom of speech" to our readers, it's unlikely our account will ever be unfrozen.

That is supposed to be tragic? I guess stupidity is.

Really, a simple screenshot of PayPal page above & a statement that TRE is a nonprofit organization. Heck, even in the "About" page of Temasek Review Emeritus, they can clearly write the nature of being nonprofit.

As clearly portrayed from my previous posts on the enigmatic TRE, it's very clear that I'm not altogether sympathetic of this fancy, self-sytled 'internet socio-political blog'.

The previous posts I'm referring to are:
- Halimah Yacob vs Temasek Review: 1 - 0
- Dr Joseph Ong Chor Teck, Temasek Review founder exposed...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

SMRT Silver Tribute Fund - you can still donate

According to SMRT website news on 05 June, SMRT raises more than $2.7 million for needy elderly this year, the largest amount raised in its four-year history. Well done! I applaud at SMRT further reaching those who may not watch TV to be aware about the charity effort via emails.

Received the email with the above image; hotline numbers included. I provide the effect Sepia for the brochure. Sepia as we know is the color of memory.

So when we get old (eventually we all will be), I hope it's still fresh in our memory, that we'll not be forgotten.

Sarah Lin, the one-girl band: violin, piano and zither

A talented Sarah Lin & the screenshot of her YouTube clip which boasts an impressive 5,043,389 views since it's uploaded on 3 May this year!!

超正點女子一人樂坊演奏 [舞孃]_Taiwan Artist - Shara Lin 林逸欣

Though Asian girl bands such as Japan's AKB48 and South Korea's Wonder Girls are gaining fame around the world, Taiwanese performer Shara Lin goes them one better -- she is her own band, playing violin, zither and piano.

Now her musical multi-tasking is on global display in a training video of her performing Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai's song "Dancing Diva" that has racked up more than 4 million views on YouTube within three weeks.

Lin, a 25-year-old actress who has a music degree, put the performance together within five days for a blend of classical and Taiwanese pop music that has her tucking the violin under her chin and stretching out as needed to both piano and zither.

"I think the toughest part is to play the piano and the zither simultaneously. We tried many times to figure out this position for my left hand to play the piano, and right hand to play the zither," Lin said.

"When I have to look at both the piano and the zither, I really wished my eyes could grow wider apart. If I have to play (them) together, I must play by feel."

Lin started to play the piano at age three. Her interest in music soon expanded into other instruments including the violin, zither, guitar, jazz drums and harmonica.

Lin said she is willing to try other creative performances in the wake of her YouTube success.

"After people saw this video, they suggested that I can play the drum with my foot and also add the harmonica," she said.

"I said okay, I will consider that."

From Yahoo! News, "Taiwanese "one girl band" gains fame as video goes viral".

Monday, June 06, 2011

Glee - Don't Stop Believing

For the clueless of the TV series Glee reference for the previuos post on (delusional?) Felixia Yeap. Check out the song below:

The clip is titled, "Cast of Glee perform Don't Stop Believing - The X Factor Live Semi-Final Results (Full Version)" and boasts of 5,369,073 views so far.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tan Kin Lian for President! (4 thoughtful questions by 'simple')

A sequel to this previous post, "Tan Kin Lian for President?". Yeah, I must admit I'm running out of idea of getting the title for this post.

I just visited Mr Tan's blog (Tan Kin Lian's Blog). I'm quite overwhelmed at his passion to sell the idea of him running for Presidency. At least for yesterday alone, there were 16 presidential-related posts in his blog. Prolific.

What I like the best, though, is this not-so-simple comment by one 'simple':

I'm sure we will all like to hear from TKL
1) his view on ministerial and presidential pay packets and what he considers to be fair and is willing to accept if he were to be elected.

2) What he intends to pick up from where Ong Teng Cheong had left off and how he will deal with government resistance that OTC had encountered

3) the reasons he left his lucrative CEO post in NTUC Income and as a PAP office holder

4) What are the substantive results he had achieved for mini-bond investors. Otherwise it is but one small episode in his track record

Answers to the above will help voters assess him better as a candidate

The comment above is for this post of Mr Tan's, "Blog: Why Tan Kin Lian must run for President".

Screenshot of the comment

Considering like many bloggers, Mr Tan opts for this "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author", I'm very certain that it's just a matter of time for him to address the above question.

And no, I'm not the one who commented as simple. :)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Tony Chu the cibopath detective

Currently enjoying this graphic novel, Chew. It's about Tony Chu, an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Agent who solves crimes by getting psychic impressions by eating things, including people.

The fancy word for such a 'talent' is a cibopath. Heh.

Check out its official blog at

Friday, June 03, 2011

Real life Kung Fu Panda 2: Panda hunts down peacock

A panda bear at a zoo in China turns carnivore after it chases down a peacock that had strayed into it's pen. The video was uploaded on May 4 this year. Yeah, quite recent.

Quite a good publicity for the animation movie, Kung Fu Panda 2 which the protagonist Po the Panda is up against the Lord Shen the peacock.

More about the show here (Spoiler Alert!)

It's a great movie & the best part of it ought to be the dialogue between Lord Shen & Boss Wolf:
Lord Shen: "Call in the wolves! All of them! I want them ready to move! The Year of the Peacock begins now!"

Boss Wolf: "Right now? 'Cause its the middle of the year, so you'd only get, like, half of the Year of the Peacock."

Lord Shen: "(brandishes a blade)"

Boss Wolf: "Ahem, this is the Year, of course, of the Peacock. Happy New Year, sir!"

The masterpiece is the last sentence as it's said with the voice as if one's half strangled. Heh.

Pity there's no real life Boss Wolf in YouTube clip yet. Haha.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

X-Men First Class Vs. Star Wars Series -Mashup-

Darn cool mashup. Enjoy.

Yay, high five for first kiss!

Kids do mature fast these days. Heh. 12,880,080 have viewed this innocent, heartwarming clip & they agree!