Wednesday, July 06, 2011

WTH...even Hitler strongly reacts to "The Fun Pack" song strong dislikes!!

Uploaded by isazaly, the clip titled, 'Hitler reacts to "The Fun Pack" song dislikes" might just be the evidence of how creative one can be. LOL. I love the part where Hitler orders to replace the lyrics with 'Chan Mali Chan' or 'Geyalng Si Paku Geylang'.

Now that would be the fun song I'd love to hear. What a fushion! ;)

PS. Check out the previous post on the tragic ripoff song titled "Fun Pack Song" which threatens to be featured in this year National Day Parade. Shudder.


Zalee said...

Hitler reacts to "Fun Pack" song (PART DEUX)

Anonymous_X said...

Haha! A great sequel indeed! ;)