Monday, October 17, 2011

Harmoni One Batam Escapade by Liveoffcoupon

Went to Batam for a relaxing 2D1N stay in Harmoni One courtesy of a great deal by Liveoffcoupon.

What a minute, did I say great? The only great thing is the hotel: Harmoni One. Others 'privilege' like a city tour (boring, incompetent tour guide from Best Batam who misplaced my disembarkation 'white' card), seafood lunch (totally below the standard - avoid Golden Prawn 933 at all cost!), flying fox + paintball (actually quite fun!), Balinese massage (hard & painful), $10 batam shopping center (which only valid at one obscure Factory Outlet and only redeemable if you purchase minimum Rp 200,000.00).

All in all, the hotel Harmoni One is the only GREAT about the trip. Still I manage to snap some photos. So it's not altogether a wasted trip. Heh.

1. Klenteng Nabi Khong Hu Chu

2. UFO - Unidentified Floating Object (Enlighten me what the ship is about, pls...)

3. A statue of the Buddha

4. Chan Chu or the Lucky Money Toad

5. A ceremony which involved a beautiful maiden wearing high-heel shoes freeing turtles to the pond??

6. Statues of beautiful maidens (not the previous one, though) taking shower?! How this becomes a part of the temple is beyond me...

7. Guanyin and the Thousand Arms

8. Free, but not impressive seafood lunch at Golden Prawn 933. Other bad reviews here and here.

9. A statue of a winged lion and a moon (taken from Harmoni One hotel, sixth floor - the level where the swimming pool & gym are located).

10. Two winged lions - I just love the statues! Heh.

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