Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christian Eliab Ratnam ... also a poet?!?!

I continue my search for more information on Christian Eliab Ratnam (read: google for 'christian eliab ratnam'), and gosh, am I surprised! This NSF guy--who in the previous post is revealed to have uploaded an anti-Islam picture onto his Facebook wall--is also...*sufficient pause for special effect*...a poet!!

Check out his Poem Hunter biography page, "Christian Eliab Ratnam":


Date Of Birth: 27th March 1990
Place Of Birth: Singapore

About The Poet: Anyway I am a deep thinker and an avid reader. Writing poems is my passion! My main source of inspiration is the Bible although many other events and circumstances do sometimes give me the spur to write. Poetry is the essence of all things written. It is the projection of valuable deep thoughts brought forth in all it's beauty and glory! A wonderful stress reliever, I must say! I hope you enjoy my poems!

Praise Be To G-D! ! !

Quote For Thought! ! !
'Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.' -Andre Gide.

Oh, by the way Christian Eliab Ratnam has penned 46 poems so far. From his very first poem uploaded on 9 Feb 2005, "The Voice Of My Saviour"--till his 46th on 6 Dec 2010, "Yearning".

And no, I haven't gone through each and every poem of his--so I cannot really say for sure whether his poems are also about anti-Islam. I very much doubt so, or else netizens would have been protested way earlier.

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