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Jamie Chua divorce and how 84% are disgusted by it!!

Bare-faced beauty: Jamie Cuaca or wait, it's now Jamie Chua

Notice what's wrong with the below screenshot of the Asiaone article, "Socialite Jamie Chua settles divorce suit"? I mean besides the 84% of readers who were disgusted of the article? Well, the article itself has no content at all!!

Her ex-spouse, businessman Nurdian Cuaca, is an Indonesian multi-millionaire. The 36-year-old, whose maiden name is Jamie Chua Xin Yin, was a stewardess in Singapore Airlines before getting married to her 44-year-old husband. The couple spent 15 years together as husband and wife before filing for divorce in court last year. They had two children together during the course of their marriage. The estranged couple failed to show any strong reason for the divorce in court. According to online sources, it seems they just wanted to get rid of each other because their love had ended.

Nurdian Cuaca owns two houses in Sentosa Cove and Hong Kong, shares in a private company, a wine collection and three expensive cars – a Ferrari, a Porsche and a Lamborghini. The total value of the company shares stand at $79.2 million while the two homes are worth $14.6 million. Jamie Chua has filed a petition in court and has successfully frozen her former husband’s $93m assets. Madam Chua is seeking $450,000 in monthly maintenance from Mr Cuaca, who is apparently not ready to give up his money to his ex wife. He is appealing against the decision in court. His appeal will be given a verdict by the High Courts next month.

Getting into hot water with Interpol

Nurdian Cuaca, is reportedly on the Interpol list for fraud charges. However, a statement released yesterday to The Straits Times by Mr Cuaca’s lawyer cited that Mr Cuaca is “unaware of any valid basis for the Interpol Red Notice, which appears to have originated from a source from Jakarta”.

The lawyer added that the 45-year-old businessman had traveled freely from Singapore to Indonesia and other countries since November.

According to the Interpol website, a Red Notice is a “warrant to be circulated worldwide with the request that the wanted person be arrested with a view to extradition.”

Jamie Chua’s Struggle

Jamie Chua, who is frequently spotted at high society events in Singapore has been further thrown in the spotlight with the divorce battle. Mr Cuaca’s actions haven’t made it any easier either.

Her lawyers had applied for an asset freeze and interim maintenance order because Mr Cuaca had reduced her monthly maintenance amount and canceled her supplementary card.

In explaining the decision to freeze Mr Cuaca’s assets, the judge said the latter was found to have transferred $3.2 million from a bank here to Indonesia.

Mr Cuaca had claimed this was funds belonging to his sister, Miss Risna.

However, the judge wrote that there was strong evidence that the removal of the amount was to shrink the matrimonial assets that would be divided by the courts.

Given the circumstances, the judge said the withdrawal of that $3.2million “was not legitimate and was not justified.”

In addition, he had also attempted on two occasions to dispose of his wine collection in their matrimonial home, and shut down the couple’s shoe business, Cloud 9 Lifestyle.

A pre-trial conference on the divorce suit will be held in the Family Court tomorrow.

From Asian Parent, "Jamie Chua – 15 years of marriage ends in ugly divorce".

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