Sunday, December 04, 2011

Shame on you STOMPer SCMS2011...

Yes, the food is indeed technically expired. But it's only 1 hour since it's expiry date, for goodness' sake!! This STOMPer SCMS2011 must be so delicate that she can succumb to food poisoning as the 1 hour is enough for rapid transformation of a perfectly alright food to a complete poison.

Grow up! And stop volunteering if you're expecting a princess treatment!!

STOMPer SCMS2011 was upset when she and her friends were served food that had apparently expired at the Standard Chartered Marathon this morning (Dec 4).

Said the STOMPer:

"We went to volunteer at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 and got this food pack at 1.30am today, when the sticker on the container clearly stated that the food had expired an hour before that, at 12.30am.

"They distribute expired food with hair in them and expect us to eat them!

"My classmates and I dare not take the risk because we don't want to suffer from food poisoning.

"There have been news about food poisoning on TV and newspapers nowadays and yet they still don't take it seriously!

"Are they going to wait till people are admitted to hospital before they take serious actions with regard to expired and unhygienic food?

"When my classmates asked the leader, who was wearing a Standard Chartered shirt, he said it was OK. Just sit on the floor and eat. Horrible. This us just horrible!"

From STOMP, "Volunteers given expired food at marathon, but event official says it's OK".

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