Monday, December 05, 2011

Short rap on Hosehbo(Girl who slapped Mom) Incident

This 14-year-old singapore rapper really can rap!!

She may have scolded you, ordered you around,
But she moulded you, brought you up herself and you slapped her, how cold are you?
So know that you are no better than a worm,
I can confirm she would've done herself a favour by aborting you,
But before I go on, what I wrote on this topic's not an insult to you, I'm just trying to get you to drop it,
And say sorry before things explode and get catastrophic, cos when you do, the whole of this tropic island will stop it,
And before you forget, next you'll time be a mom, would you like your kid to slap you, then post it up on stomp?
So seriously, take time to reflect what you did wrong, I hope you'll understand why I even wrote this song,
It's not to flame you or blame you, it's just to remind you to mind your words, and mind your actions, they sustain you,
And I'm not trying to judge you, that's not what I do,
cos I know its never too late for you to change and start anew.

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