Monday, February 13, 2012

BeerCycles: Creative, but ...

I came across this Facebook page, "Beer Cycles" and thereafter I visited their official website "BeerCycles". I must say I really am impressed with the premise that all our partying and drink supplies to be delivered to our doorstep under an hour! No, not necessarily by bicycles. Hur hur.

But what I wonder--and concern--is about how they ensure that they do not sell the alcohol beverages to those below the legal age. (In Singapore the legal age for one to consume it is minimum 18 years old.)

There's no such FAQ in the official website, only at its Facebook FAQ page. But nothing's mentioned about that preventive measures to selling the alcohol to those youngsters (less than 18 years old)?!

I'm dropping a note both to & after this post to find out more about it.

Till then (and hopefully the email is replied at all), I'd wish all the best to this enterprise!

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