Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dexter Ng and Shermane Ten Min'er : A (big?) Deal Wedding Proposal

Congratulations to the happy couple: Dexter Ng and Shermane Ten Min'er!

Still, what a way for a wedding proposal! By using Are you one of the founders or shareholders of, Dexter? I mean you are promoting the site with your outrageously sweet wedding proposal to Shermane.

And talking about Shermane. Poor thing. She must have felt the pressure of saying Yes (as if having the video of the ordeal uploaded in YouTube is not enough, she too have had to go through the tremendous stress of seeing how 23,587 have bought the Deal--eventhough a) they are not Shermane, and b) they may not even all be females!!.

Possibly the biggest DEAL ever with 23,587 buyers!!

Hur hur. Yes, call me sour at how creative this Dexter fellow is. (Or perhaps it's more correct to say that finally I have flushed away the effect of Valentine's Day. Yay!!)

Shermane smiled apparently with a hint of hesitation after saying Yes to Dexter's proposal?

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karensmith said...

Wedding proposals are one of the best events in a girl's life. It is a real tear-jerker for a lot of women. :)

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