Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!! (Or 5 things I'd hope to see from Nuffnang in the next 5 years...)

Nuffnang is turning 5 on 27th February 2012!!

For the clueless--must be a rare breed--Nuffnang is an online blog advertising community, claiming 118,817 bloggers spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. The figures are from the Wikipedia article on Nuffnang, and I believe it may boast much more bloggers than the quoted one.

The celebration coined as "Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Bash!" will be held with the following details:

Date: 27th February 2012, Monday
Time: 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Venue: Swissotel The Stamford Private Dining Room; 2 Stamford Road 178882
Dress Code: Classy for the ladies, Smart for the men!

I may be considered a newbie (as I only joined in May 2011), but I can tell for sure that Nuffnang is indeed very genuine (I received my virgin payment in Sept 2011!). And it's completely hassle-free, no chasing or following-up from my side at all.

So it's kind of difficult to list what I hope to see from Nuffnang in the next 5 years (Nuffnang has been doing real OK, so what's else expected then?!).

Okay, so let me make a Wish List then:
1. I wish Nuffnang will have MORE charity-theme activity. Singapore has this "Charity Portal" which Nuffnang can start liasing with and working with them in regular basis. (To clarify, yes, Nuffnang did have such charity-theme activity like--held last year--"GANBATTE! JAPAN – Charity Flea by Nuffnang & Park Royal!" and "Nuffnang Queensland Flood Appeal Auction".)

2. I wish Nuffnang to work together with Donorweb/Singapore Blood Stock Indicator to allow a Nuffnang ad/widget to display the current level of blood stock.

3. I wish Nuffnang to expand further beyond Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia and to cater more International market. If Google Adsense can launch its Bahasa Indonesia option (Reference: Tech Wire Asia article dated 04/02/12), surely Nuffnang can easily do the similar. And not just for Malay language, Bahasa Indonesia, but can look ahead for Chinese and Tamil languages. In other words, start peering to the horizon towards China and India! (Insert the theme song of Pirates of The Caribbean, preferably the guitar version played by Sungha Jung.)

Oh wait, according to the very same Tech Wire Asia article, under LOCAL COMPETITION heading:
Nuffnang is now one of the leading Asian advertisement networks heavily targeting Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, China, the Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong. The blog advertisement community has gained traction from two million Malaysian users earning ad revenue on a daily basis. For many Asians, Nuffnang is a recognized name especially among bloggers and webmasters, and seen as the next Google Adsense alternative.

Cool. Nuffnang is especially recognized as the leading Asian advertisement networks & have (already!) been targeting to China and Hong Kong market. So please target to India market as well, will you?

4. I wish Nuffnang one day to organize a masquerade ball. The event will be perfect for the bloggers who prefer staying anonymous and who don't fancy their photos to be taken by other camera-trigger-free fellow bloggers. With the mask, they can have no such fear. Heh. Okay, before I'm accused to be selfish (as I'm being anonymous myself), I'd appreciate if you feedback whether you agree with me on this one! Leave thy comment, okay?)

5. I wish Nuffnang to continue to stay No.1! (By this point, I'm certain you'd be too tired to read further elaboration on obvious reasons of why Nuffnang has been No.1!)

PS. Yeah, next year for the 6th birthday of Nuffnang, I'll blog 6 things of what I'd hope to see from Nuffnang in the next 6 years. And for their 7th birthday--why, 7 things to hope from Nuffnang in the next 7 years. And so on and so forth. Hur hur. The pattern has been established so please credit me that extra moolah pronto. LOL. Just kidding, but seriously...


Or in Martian language--ehm, influenced by the upcoming John Carter movie:

Or in Chipmunks language--heh, never mind:

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