Monday, February 20, 2012

Still I look to find a reason to believe...

This humble blog is never one who boasts of having loyal readers. But hey, apparently I do have! At least one who calls herself Marie Alexander. And without doubt, she's upset as it's very evident from her latest comment:

Dear Anonymous X,

The reason why everything has been taken out because it is not true. Maria has not even given up her SG Citizenship and she also have been lied to by TNP. TNP wanted to clear Maria's name about the Singapore Citizenship as Shin Min wrote it first and not only they have put up a false picture of Maria on their papers. They have accused her of being an erotic star which she is obviously not.

I would really appreciate it if you can take this article down as it really hurts her and me as well. We have a friend who is a lawyer as well.

I would appreciate if you can take this down quickly.

Please call me if you have any queries. at 9xxx-xxxx

Thank you.

Inspired by Alex Au, "Comment about K Shanmugam withdrawn", I too have taken Marie Alexander's word on this matter.

As a gesture of sincerity, I do not even put a reference to the deleted article. So if you catch no ball, sorry, this post is after all not meant for you.

What I would like to do, really, is to contact this Maria herself, say 'sorry for causing unnecessary duress', while fervently hoping her words of wisdom are along the line of 'let it be'.

Yeah, right. Who am I kidding?! Sigh.

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