Saturday, March 31, 2012

The best realistic comment to "A Heart Touching Love Story That Would Make Your Heart Cry"...

While the video, "A HEART TOUCHING LOVE STORY THAT WOULD MAKE YOUR HEART CRY" is indeed heart-touching, TehShanno has the best comment ever! Here it is:

So he's blind and they can't be together? That's complete bullshit! I get that this is all about sacrifice but it's also being very discriminating. Love is all about breaking past the boundaries no matter what. The girl should've went after him and hugged him and never let him go while telling him how much she loves him. Even he pushed her away, it still would've showed how much she cared about him.

Friday, March 30, 2012

ZALORA ... quality merchandise galore

The Sass & Bide Unbroken Promise Top

WAM-06 Long Sleeve SubPrint Shirt by Woods & Woods

The above screenshots are from ZALORA: one costs you $1,165 while another $375...for a top & a shirt respectively. While I understand some will put so much value in Branding (yeah, even bids for Kay Lee Roast Meat--recipe and shop space--has already reached $3 million!!), I am still impressed that there are people who make such a purchase.

Perhaps, it's a rich man's world after all, isn't it? And some of us may indeed have the luxury of thinking to just forget about the price tag. I like therefore I buy. Regardless of the cost.

And me? To be honest, I'm more along the line of "Gimme money (That's what I want)". Really.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Titanic II If Jack Had Lived

The Official Trailer for the Dreamwork's Pictures, highly anticipated sequel to the movie Titanic. Take a journey into an alternate reality for the passengers of Titanic. A continuation of one of the most celebrated love stories of our time, 'Titanic 2, If Jack Lived' . This film's production has been speculated about for years, but kept under extreme secrecy by Dreamwork's Pictures. Set to release on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, April, 12 2012, a three year wait for this adventure to debut in theaters world wide.

Yeah, right...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NYPD inside Singapore shopping mall...


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Earth

Another Earth. Sounds like a very interesting show. Check out its captivating trailer.

And you know what? There's even an anime version of it! (Well, at least its trailer, "Another Earth (Anime version) trailer, 2011".)

Singlish 20: Singlish Minister

Real talented these 2 boys! Heh.

Monday, March 26, 2012


- Winner of Best Fiction Award at The Altered Images Student Post Production Festival in London 2010
- Winner of the Film Making contest 2010
- Winner of the Best Young Filmmaker Award at Fastnet Short Film Festival 2010
- Shortlisted for the Best Film Award at No Limits Film Festival 2010
- Shortlisted at 5th annual international LUMS film festival - FiLUMS 2011
- Shortlisted at AWAKEN! International Spiritual Film Festival 2011
- Soul 4 Reel Film Festival - Official Selection 2011
- Shortlisted at The National Student Film Festival, London 2011
- Nomination - Campus MovieFest 365, London 2011

Saturday, March 24, 2012

THE HUNGER PAINS Official Theatrical Trailer

THE HUNGER PAINS Official Theatrical Trailer.

From the Harvard Lampoon, authors of the New York Times bestseller NIGHTLIGHT, comes the must-have book parody of the year!
Starring Rachel Bloom (Kantkiss Neverclean), Katie Amanda Keane (Effu Poorpeople), Thomas Lennon (Buttitch Totalapathy), Robert Ben Garant (as Seneca Crane's beard), Mindy Sterling (Kantkiss's Mom), Cedric Yarbrough (Cinnabon), Todd Fasen (Pita Malarkey), and Alex Berg (Smash).
Directed by David Lincoln.

And here's the official website for the great parody, "The Hunger Pains".

Can't resist loving the caption, can you? LOL...

'Love Sick' Award Winning Comedy Short

'Love Sick' Award Winning Comedy Short.

WINNER - Fringe Film Festival 2011 - Grand Jury Prize
WINNER - Fear No Film 2011 - Utah Short Film of the Year
WINNER - CityWeekly Artys 2011 - Reader's Choice Award
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Action on Film Festival 2011
OFFICIAL SELECTION - HollyShorts Film Festival 2011
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Who Likes Short Shorts Festival Spring 2011

Written, Directed and Edited by Kevin Lacy, Starring Josh Cameron, Tatum Langton, Heather Maughn, Kristina Reese, Tristan Phillips, Music Composed and Performed by Randin Graves

"Oi Gioi oi" by Ian Paynton (no, he's not a Vietnamese)

I just wonder whether the Vietnamese woman in the previous post did scream, "Oi Gioi oi"?! Hur hur.

VietNamNet Bridge – "Oi Gioi oi"(Oh my God!) is an habitual phrase that Ha Noi's people say when they are upset or want to complain about something.

It is also the name of a song written by Englishman Ian Paynton that has become popular on the internet since it was launched on last week.

Only a week after the rap song was posted on the internet, it attracted more than 300,000 viewers. Many of them left comments and pressed the button "like".

Paynton, an independent journalist who worked as an editor for the English magazine Word Ha Noi, said it was simple for him to compose the song because Oi Gioi oi was an interesting phrase.

He loved hearing people say it, from the old woman that lives near his house, the moto-taxi driver, to children.

The song written in both English and Vietnamese is mixed with Vietnamese traditional music and hip hop.

The two-minute video was filmed on the streets of Ha Noi, including Hang Ma and Ta Hien. Many Vietnamese people, including pedestrians and the street-sellers, took part in the video.

The video is the result of collaboration between Paynton and a Ha Noi Sessions, including Ha Noi Funkmaster, from Japan, and JC Smith, from the UK. It shows the good-humoured attitude of foreigners to Vietnamese daily life, including the traffic, gastronomy, urban life and Ha Noi women.

The lyrics go:

"When your pho's too hot, you say oi gioi oi

When the stress is a lot, you say oi gioi oi

Turn your left blinker off, oi gioi oi

It's been on for ages, oi gioi oi

You're like oi gioi oi"

Paynton and the Ha Noi Sessions decided to make the video because they wanted to amuse people and understand the love and the strong attachment of foreigners to Viet Nam. For Paynton, joy and the stress were two emotions he felt at the same time when living in Ha Noi, a beautiful but changing city whose charm seduced him more than other regions.

He said he was attracted by the rich culture, the history and the feeling of expectation about the future. He now is back in England but when he was in Ha Noi and had free time, he enjoyed taking coffee at a street shop, eating grilled chicken in Ngo Gach Street and listening to music at Ha Noi Rock City.

From VietNamNet, "Hip-hop song inspired by local lingo goes viral".

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Official 1D Singapore Flashmob

This is the official 1D Singapore Flashmob video! Supported by Singapore's Radio 91.3, Nando's and Sony Music, organized by Singaporean Directioners themselves!

Really well-done!

Bridge(s) Over Troubled Water

I just love the song, Bridge Over Troubled Water...regardless who the singers are/were. Heh.

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Madison Square Garden, NYC - 2009/10/29&30

ELVIS - Bridge Over Troubled Water (NEW mix! Great sound!)

Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water

The Helix Bridge and 3 Workers ... Over Troubled Water


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Battle Royale inspired 'The Hunger Game'?

You've got to watch 'Battle Royale' 1st before you answer that question!

I Wanna Go "Hunger Games" Parody

A brilliant parody. Heh.

And this is the music which 'inspired' the above parody. LOL.

Mortal Kombat 9 All Fatalities / Finishing Moves

Mortal Kombat 9 All Fatalities / Finishing Moves. Definitely not for the faint-hearted...

World's Strictest Parents Singapore

World's Strictest Parents Singapore Part 1 & 2. Endure! I mean, enjoy!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Lazer Bird - Angry Birds Space

New characters, including the Lazer Bird in Angry Birds Space have unique superhero powers to help in their fight against the space pigs and bring their eggs safely back home.

The Lazer Bird, introduced by Samsung.

Sherman Choo Automatic Internet Income

Sherman Choo Automatic Internet Income

Well, is this too good to be true?

But the images of the wire transfers of the $$$ seem compellingly genuine--and the local bank, DBS is also there. Can't be a fraud, can it?

Partially quoted from the site:
Hi, my name is Sherman Choo. and I've learned everything the hard way. I was smart enough to figure out that making $5000 - $15,000 per mth marketing from home has very little to do with the number of phone calls made... and the chances of getting rich relying only on the phone are slim to none.

Forget trying to do odd jobs to make some extra cash, and avoid the long, annoying lines at the unemployment office. Don’t waste any more of your time on online money-making programs. Most importantly, do not settle for any mindless jobs that you are way too overqualified for.

This is an opportunity for a real, no-nonsense approach, work-at-home job that pays you steadily and reliably. The best thing is that YOU can control how much you make.

Become a crucial part of this fast growing, $59 BILLION DOLLAR industry. This lucrative industry has been recognized in the media for years. It’s a phenomenon that’s not going away and is practically recession proof, too.

And with just a little bit of effort and enthusiasm on your part, you could easily earn up to $98,500 a year or MORE. You can work part-time if that suits you best—or a regular full 40-hour week.

You can work overtime if you’re trying to get caught up on your bills—or you can become a person of leisure who only works an hour or two a day. It’s really up to you, because you’ll do it from the comfort of your home, as your own boss.

After 2 years of research... I went on to test and refine my own market-from-home formula that earned the checks and commission dollars you just saw.

My simple formula has allowed me to quit my job 5 years ago... and you know what that means...


So what say you? Truly a real deal?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ang Mo Kio Park West - Amateur Ghost Hunting Experience

On 3rd of March, members of Ghost Village in Singapore, decided to go for Ghost Hunting at Ang Mo Kio Park.

...and they were never heard again. Nah. Just kidding.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hunger Games- Brave Trailer Mash-Up

So how do you like the mash-up?

Compare that with the Hunger Games official trailer which has already gathered 4,358,873 views so far!!

Wouldn't it be nice ... even with the headless kid? No kidding...


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Murdoch University at Kaplan: Double...or Nothing!

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." I fully agree with this Chinese proverb.

So keep learning. And you'll gain more treasures...and they'll follow you everywhere.

That indeed sounds nice, doesn't it?

Yet the challenge for keep learning is for me how to juggle it with my work. See, I'd love to study full time, but I just cannot afford it. Sure, woe is me and all that.

That's why I'm very excited reading about the part-time programme offered by Murdoch University via Kaplan.

Especially the part on how they offer Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Management. Yes, it's one of many double-major programmes by Murdoch University.

Psychology. And. Management.

The well understanding of these 2 subjects will do wonder to my life's goals.

First and foremost, my goal is of course to try to take over the world! (Hur hur. Play "Pinky & The Brain Theme Song"!)

Okay. Seriously now.

I shall avoid of being too wordy. By learning on Psychology, I hope to understand myself better and thus, be able subsequently to understand others. And by learning Management, I aim to be the most effective manager.

I know it is a bad dream to work for a manager like Pointy-haired Boss (in Dilbert comic strip).

But you know what's worse than that? If you unknowingly transform yourself to be such a person. It can happen gradually and perhaps because of others' influence. (Read: another higher level of managers who lead by BAD examples? Maybe.)

Avoid that degeneration to be a contemptible manager. Keep on learning.

I repeat I strongly believe that Psychology and Management are the keys for that--towards achieving my life's goals.

So how about you? (Ask the hardest questions 1st what you'd want to do in life & how to it...)

Now you can advance your life goals with Murdoch’s Double Major Degree and Masters programmes offered at Kaplan Higher Education on a full time and part time basis. (Find out more here.)

John Carter: a surprisingly enjoyable show, despite bad reviews

I never am a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs works. So I had no idea what the movie John Carter (adapted from his novel) is about, and thus I watched the show without any expectation. Yeah, the trailer is cool enough & so are the movie posters. Heh. I know, kind of a lame excuse. But hey, that's just me!

Here are the trailer and the exclusive 10-minute scene of the movie.

John Carter Trailer 2012 -- Official Movie Trailer | HD

John Carter - Exclusive Ten Minute Scene

The first poster is the one I like the most due to its minimalist in its use of colors. (And red is a nice touch to represent Mars). The second poster is definitely in Spanish with its tag line 'Dos mundos, un héroe' is translated in English as 'Two worlds, one hero'.


I went to watch the show & after being warmed up with the exciting trailers of the Amazing Spider-man, Gone, and the Hunger Games, I was in the very right mindset to enjoy (or fall asleep) the movie, John Carter.

I did enjoy it.

Still I wonder how others assess on the show. Mostly unflattering like the ones reviewed by Daily Mail UK ("A monstrous flop: lame heroes, a ghastly script.. and albino space wombats. Welcome to 2012's first mega-disaster"), MTV ("'John Carter': The Reviews Are In!" and its caption: Critics are not finding much to praise in film based on Edgar Rice Burroughs hero.), Guardian ("John Carter – review" and its caption: The fantasy-romance adventures of a civil war veteran transported to Mars made for a giant, suffocating doughy feast of boredom.)

Tomatometer indicates a lousy 50% as well.

Well, each to their own. Bad reviews notwithstanding, I still enjoy the show!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chonnasorn Sajakul (Sorn) winning performances

To follow up the previous post, here are the 3 YouTube clips of the winner of tvN K-Pop Star Hunt, Chonnasorn Sajakul (Sorn). Congratulations!

Sorn (TVN Kpop Star Hunt) - Not my self tonight

Sorn (TVN Kpop Star Hunt) - Because you're mine

Sorn & Chang-sup Lee - Timeless [TVN Kpop Star Hunt]

tvN K-Pop Star Hunt - The Winner is ...

...Chonnasorn Sajakul or in short, Sorn from Thailand! (Asiaone, "Thai K-pop starlet in the making" has more praises to say about this 15-year-old star.)

Photo: TNP, "K-pop starlet in the making"

I don't understand, though, why the official website, tvN K-Pop Star Hunt has not announced about the winner, though.

In fact it only mentions about the outstanding Top 11: Andy Lui (17) and Nicola Chan (18) from Hong Kong; Charlene Albino, Charmaine Albino (twins, both 17) and Rince Cajucom (18) from the Philippines; Jasmine Tan (16) and Maressa Zahirah (23) from Singapore; Chris Kuan (16) and Lucica Chen (15) from Taiwan; and Chonnasorn Sajakul (15) and Thidarat Rommaneeyapet (14) from Thailand.

Well, the 2 finalists from Singapore may not win, but still it must have been a great experience for them. (By the way, Jasmine Tan is reported to reach the Top 5!)

So this little post is dedicated for them.

(The followings are from the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt website & the YouTube clips on their auditions.)

Jasmine Tan, 16

Dancing performance: On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez / Step by KARA / Goodbye Baby by Miss A

Jasmine is a final year student from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School who will sit for the O-Level examinations in the coming weeks before jetting off to Seoul, Korea to represent Singapore in the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt. As an avid tvN fan, Jasmine's penchant for anything Korean has seen her pick up the Korean language effortlessly. As such, her ability to speak conversational Korean means that she is one step closer to following in the footsteps of her Korean idols such as U-Kiss, her favorite K-Pop boy band.

Despite her relatively tender age of 16, Jasmine has already seven years of dancing experience under her belt. Her strong dance foundation has given her the winning edge against other contestants. Her well-timed, rhythmic and precise choreography in the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt auditions threw spectators into frenzy, winning her rapturous applause with every move. The judges remarked that they were amazed at her poise, confidence and calm demeanor despite her age. Jasmine's immense talent and outstanding ability to thrill audiences with her dance moves will see her shine as an entertainer.

Maressa Zahirah, 23

Singing Performance: Lonely by 2NE1

Maressa Zahirah, a recent Mass Communications graduate from Oklahoma City University (MDIS) has a deep passion for performance, both in singing and dancing. In the attempt to fulfill her life-long dream, Maressa has been to numerous auditions. Her journey has seen her emerged as the Top 40 in Singapore Idol in 2010 as well as Top 10 of the KBS K-Pop World Singing Competition in 2011.

Maressa comes from a long line of entertainers with her uncle, notably the keyboardist in the band 'Les Fentones'. As such, her family is extremely supportive of her aspirations, and her journey towards becoming a recognized performer. Maressa's unique looks can be linked back to her mixed heritage. Her mother is of Pakistani-Portuguese descent, while her father is native Malay. Maressa uses her background to her full advantage as she realizes that this is an added bonus and increases her appeal for the Asian and International markets.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Ender's Game the 2013 movie long awaited!!

Referring to Ender's Game (the book review blogged in 2006), I'm very excited to read about how the movie adaption will be released in March 2013. (The idea of Ender's Game being made to be a movie has been around since 2005 - yeah, blogged about it too. Heh.)

The role of Ender (Andrew Wiggin) will be taken by Asa Butterfield. The same talented boy who acts in Hugo.

There's no official movie trailer yet. You'll just have to satisfy yourself with this fan-made one which Orson Scott Card (the book author) claimed to be "the best Ender's Game trailer I've seen yet!"

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Super Junior Kyochon Chicken Dance Tutorial

At first I thought the whole thing is hilarious. An official dance tutorial for the Super Junior advertisement 'I Like Kyochon Chicken'. What the hey?! Seriously?!

Then again, this has to be the kind of 'commitment'. It's beyond my understanding, really...

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Super Sexy Hokkien HIV Awareness Music Video - 快活一条龙

Super Sexy Hokkien HIV Awareness Music Video - 快活一条龙. LOL.

If you're not into Hokkien song, you may not aware that the song is 'inspired' by the popular Hokkien song, I Ask Heaven (我问天)--also a theme song of Taiwan TV serial 《爱》.

Invisible Mercedes

Amazing, eh? Check out 'Invisible Mercedes'. We're now one step closer to achieving 'Invisible Plane'. Heh.

Not Stairway, but just Lifts to Heaven


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Kyle Gabler: Music from World of Goo

The soundtrack of World of Goo--27 of them--can be downloaded in this 'personal portfolio' site of the game creator, Kyle Gabler. (He's one of the 2 game designer; the other is Ron Carmel).

You'd appreciate the song more once you play the game. Heh. The demo can be downloaded in this official website of World of Goo. It was, by the way, announced that on 9th Jan this year, there have been 1 million downloads!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Possibly the sexiest F&N advertisement...

This ought to be the sexiest F&N ad so far: "F&N eXtra with Tongkat Ali & Ginseng TV Commercial".

Nazura Jalil, channel development manager for F&N Dairies once stated in the press release,"This is very exciting as we believe that this could yet be another Malaysian icon. Tongkat Ali, a herbal root, native to Malaysian rainforests, has an enthusiastic following throughout Asia. Just like the former, Ginseng, another medicinal root, has gained popularity due to its accompanying benefits."

Banana & Potato song - Despicable Me 2

Have you seen this clip, "Despicable Me 2 Trailer - Banana and Potato Song (with lyrics)"? Hilariously cute. Heh.

The song lyric goes like this:

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Avengers ... and Nick Fury in Other Movies

I'm so looking forward to watching The Avengers in May. Have you seen the latest trailer?

Till then, I'd just have to be entertained with this hilarious clip, "Nick Fury in Other Movies".

"There are definitely way too many people on this team"

Friday, March 02, 2012

Travian in Chinese

The browser game of the year 2011, Travian is also available in Chinese? Hmm. I just know about it when I come across its site. (Any Chinese readers care to translate the screenshot above? Heh.)

PS. Blogged about the game once in "Travian - What kind of player are you?".

MP Vikram Nair Responds to Allegations Published by TOC: "It is extremely deceptive of TOC to attribute lies to me."

Referring to The Online Citizen (TOC) article today, "Vikram Nair compares Chen Show Mao’s proposals to a Nigerian scam", MP Vikram Nair was very prompt in responding to it.

He posted his reply earlier this evening (05:08 PM) in his Facebook wall, "Response to Allegations Published by TOC":

1. I refer to the article by Mr Ng Ee-Jay published on The Online Citizen titled “Vikram Nair compares Chen Show Mao’s proposals to a Nigerian scam” dated 2 March 2012.

2. The key thrust of this article is that I considered investing in the elderly, the disabled, the poor and other needy Singaporeans as being akin to a Nigerian scam. The insinuation is that I do not care about these groups is totally false.

3. At the top of the article is a photo of me and attributes to me the following quote: ”Investing in People = Nigerian Scam”. I never said this anywhere in my speech and this attribution is false and misleading.

4.In fact, I opened my speech with the following:-

“Let me start with what I most welcome about this Budget. I think what is truly heart-warming about this Budget is the emphasis on helping the needy and the vulnerable. For many of us who have been helping on the ground, I think we have seen the real issues that the vulnerable groups suffer. The added measures in this Budget will help those groups in a great many ways. I filed more than 10 cuts for the COS which I will go into the details of how these things may work out in different Ministries and I would not repeat that here.”

5. My cuts in the ongoing COS debate deal with the specific issues faced by various groups that I feel may need further protection or assistance, including crime victims, SMEs, the bankrupt, the unemployed, outsourced low wage workers, the elderly, those with disabilities and the social safety net generally. I am raising these issues because I think it is one of the MPs most important duties to speak up for and help the vulnerable groups. The insinuation in the article that I do not care about these groups is therefore without basis.

6. While I did not appreciate the insinuations in Mr Chen’s speech that the government did not care for the vulnerable groups, I was curious about whether or not Mr Chen himself had any concrete ideas on how to help these groups more. Mr Chen said repeatedly, in his usual charismatic style, “Let’s do more”. I was probing to try to understand exactly what was the “more” that he intended to do and how he intended to do it. Anyone can shout “Let’s do more”, but the real issue is what “more” do you want to do and how.

7. I did make a joke about a Nigerian scam, and said:

“The first point he made was about investing in social capital. He was saying that we need to invest in social capital - in the elderly, the disabled and the poor, and I agree. In fact, from what I have seen, that is one of the most fulfilling things that we can do as an MP. We look for the vulnerable groups, we help them out in the meantime and we try and empower them in the long term. But we are not as smart as him because our investments certainly incur costs; they are certainly not self-funding. So what I was really impressed by was when Mr Chen shouted loudly, “let’s do more”, he also said that since these are investments, we do not have to make provisions for them in the Budget, we do not have to raise any revenues at all.

I was astounded by that. I mean, I thought maybe we have to put an outlay first. Maybe even the Nigerian scheme required you to put $10,000 upfront. But Mr Chen‘s scheme does not even require a short-term provision. It is not even a deficit for one year. No, no, no. It will pay for itself because it is an investment. So I would like him to explain how he expects these schemes to pay for themselves because, if they do, I will wholeheartedly support it.”

8. Nowhere did I say the idea of investing in vulnerable groups is like investing in a Nigerian scam. I pointed out that the investment concept Mr Chen proposed did not appear to be properly thought through because he did not explain how it was going to be paid for.

9. I fully support the helping of vulnerable groups. In fact, I specifically said I agreed that we should invest in social capital. And that is what is being done now. But we should be clear as to how we are going to pay for it and not pretend that the money will materialise from nowhere. Indeed, I was hoping Mr Chen would give some concrete suggestions or elaborations in response, but no real answer was given.

10. Indeed, if much more is to be done, (as another Worker’s Party MP suggested, to raise healthcare expenditure from 1.6% to 6% of GDP), then we must be honest with our people – the money has to come from more taxes or deficit spending. First World safety nets come with First World debts, First World taxes and passing the burden of our excesses to future generations.

11. I think all MPs in the house agree with the principle that vulnerable groups should be protected. It is extremely deceptive of TOC to attribute lies to me.

The burning question (especially with the closing sentence of 'It is extremely deceptive of TOC to attribute lies to me') many of us are inevitably asking now is whether or not Vikram Nair will demand an apology from TOC as well as the removal of the article.

Other posts on MP Vikram Nair:
- Fearless MP Vikram Nair is fearful as he's allegedly misquoted?!?! (20/07/2011)
New MP 'Fearless' Vikram Nair drank "Dark Water" fm Blk 686B Woodlands (20/05/2011)

Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Team Entrances Montage

Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Team Entrances Montage is a very cool 'trailer' for a gamer. Entertaining too. Especially for the team of Zangief & Rufus aka The Space Cyclones! LOL.

Zangief & Rufus: The Space Cyclones!

Zangief: "Bodies of Iron!"
Rufus: "I'm overflowing with charisma!"
(Together): "Seting hearts ablaze! The Space Cyclones!"

Well, how can you not love their hilarious style?! Grin.

A YouTuber ichikogawolfdemon commented "Rufus and Zangief must be part of the Ginyu Force."

Well, s/he is right! (I miss those good old days of reading Dragon Ball manga. Heh.)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cool mashup: X-Men: First Class & Naruto: The Great Ninja War

The screenshots below are when the character (Sasuke & Magneto) cooly replied, "Peace was never an option".

They are respectively from the mashup, "X-Men: First Class (The Great Ninja War) Trailer" and the original trailer of the movie, "X-Men: First Class".

Sasuke: "Peace was never an option"

Magneto: "...Ditto..."

Goh Meng Seng accuses Workers' Party to be "Pro-WP"!

Saw the post by Goh Meng Seng, the ex-Sec-Gen of National Solidarity in response to WP's Sylvia Lim's letter, "By-election is not optional".

Mr Goh Meng Seng made a scathing conclusion at how it is clear that they have put party interests aka "Pro-WP" above anything else.

Reproduced his whole response as follows:

I cannot agree with Sylvia Lim's explanation here.

She means to say that WP has voted against the motion just because it is against GRC system? Is that "principled" decision or just an attempt to safe guard party interests, fearing that the party could be sabotaged in future if one of its MP in GRC resigned?

If WP is so principled in going against GRC system, so much so that it could vote against a MORE principled notion of democratic representation, then it should stop contesting in GRC during GE! By contesting in GRCs, it actually gave legitimacy to the GRC system! That is MORE DIRECT indication of supporting the GRC than voting against the principle of exercising democratic representation in GRC!

It basically means this, for practicality, even though WP is against GRC system, it understands that it cannot change it anything sooner. So, even when it is against it, it will have to contest in GRCs so to preserve and uphold the principle of democratic contests aka Democracy. It also means that even though it is against GRC system, it should at least force PAP to uphold the principle of Democratic representation in GRC as well by supporting the motion of calling for by-election in the event when there is any vacated seats within. This should be the consistent principled stance WP should take. But no, apparently it put party interests above National interests (in building democracy).

I believe WP and its members/supporters have changed. It used to uphold the "Pro-Singapore" stance but from recent happenings like Yaw-gate, it is clear that they have put party interests aka "Pro-WP" above anything else. They are not looking at what is good or best for Singapore but rather, what suits the party's interests best.

Beautifully written! Straight to the point. Well done, Mr Goh. I doubt that WP will be bothered to reply, though. Heh.