Thursday, March 01, 2012

Goh Meng Seng accuses Workers' Party to be "Pro-WP"!

Saw the post by Goh Meng Seng, the ex-Sec-Gen of National Solidarity in response to WP's Sylvia Lim's letter, "By-election is not optional".

Mr Goh Meng Seng made a scathing conclusion at how it is clear that they have put party interests aka "Pro-WP" above anything else.

Reproduced his whole response as follows:

I cannot agree with Sylvia Lim's explanation here.

She means to say that WP has voted against the motion just because it is against GRC system? Is that "principled" decision or just an attempt to safe guard party interests, fearing that the party could be sabotaged in future if one of its MP in GRC resigned?

If WP is so principled in going against GRC system, so much so that it could vote against a MORE principled notion of democratic representation, then it should stop contesting in GRC during GE! By contesting in GRCs, it actually gave legitimacy to the GRC system! That is MORE DIRECT indication of supporting the GRC than voting against the principle of exercising democratic representation in GRC!

It basically means this, for practicality, even though WP is against GRC system, it understands that it cannot change it anything sooner. So, even when it is against it, it will have to contest in GRCs so to preserve and uphold the principle of democratic contests aka Democracy. It also means that even though it is against GRC system, it should at least force PAP to uphold the principle of Democratic representation in GRC as well by supporting the motion of calling for by-election in the event when there is any vacated seats within. This should be the consistent principled stance WP should take. But no, apparently it put party interests above National interests (in building democracy).

I believe WP and its members/supporters have changed. It used to uphold the "Pro-Singapore" stance but from recent happenings like Yaw-gate, it is clear that they have put party interests aka "Pro-WP" above anything else. They are not looking at what is good or best for Singapore but rather, what suits the party's interests best.

Beautifully written! Straight to the point. Well done, Mr Goh. I doubt that WP will be bothered to reply, though. Heh.

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