Friday, March 16, 2012

Sherman Choo Automatic Internet Income

Sherman Choo Automatic Internet Income

Well, is this too good to be true?

But the images of the wire transfers of the $$$ seem compellingly genuine--and the local bank, DBS is also there. Can't be a fraud, can it?

Partially quoted from the site:
Hi, my name is Sherman Choo. and I've learned everything the hard way. I was smart enough to figure out that making $5000 - $15,000 per mth marketing from home has very little to do with the number of phone calls made... and the chances of getting rich relying only on the phone are slim to none.

Forget trying to do odd jobs to make some extra cash, and avoid the long, annoying lines at the unemployment office. Don’t waste any more of your time on online money-making programs. Most importantly, do not settle for any mindless jobs that you are way too overqualified for.

This is an opportunity for a real, no-nonsense approach, work-at-home job that pays you steadily and reliably. The best thing is that YOU can control how much you make.

Become a crucial part of this fast growing, $59 BILLION DOLLAR industry. This lucrative industry has been recognized in the media for years. It’s a phenomenon that’s not going away and is practically recession proof, too.

And with just a little bit of effort and enthusiasm on your part, you could easily earn up to $98,500 a year or MORE. You can work part-time if that suits you best—or a regular full 40-hour week.

You can work overtime if you’re trying to get caught up on your bills—or you can become a person of leisure who only works an hour or two a day. It’s really up to you, because you’ll do it from the comfort of your home, as your own boss.

After 2 years of research... I went on to test and refine my own market-from-home formula that earned the checks and commission dollars you just saw.

My simple formula has allowed me to quit my job 5 years ago... and you know what that means...


So what say you? Truly a real deal?


Nath said...

you let me know how true is this. You know where to look for me right? LOL

feb said...

Is this a scam????

His name is all over the net.....

Do you know him personally Nath?