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Taiwan Train Sex Party Scandal

What we know so far is the organizer of the sex party has been identified: allegedly one Tsai Yu-lin. And the 17-year-old girl is known as 'Xiao Yu'. The latter is reported to express her remorse.

What can I say? My sympathy goes to her. With the exception of the male organizer, the rest of the participants (18 males) have not been publicly identified. Somehow the media choose to highlight to the fact that 'hey, there's one girl doing it with 18 guys--allegedly!'.

What I like best so far is the sensible comment from the Ms Wang Ping, the secretarty-general of Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan.

Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan secretary-general Wang Ping (王蘋) said the public should show more tolerance toward the party.

“The sex party took place in a private coach, the participants did not do anything to harm others, they had security personnel on the scene to make sure everything was okay, they even cleaned the coach before they got off the train, they were more organized than a lot of other parties,” Wang said.

“So I think the problem is sex — apparently a lot of people still think of sex as something horrible,” Wang said.

She said that the public, the media and news commentators should stop playing God.

“There’s no need to put these people on public trial for what they did,” Wang said.

Partially quoted from Taipei Times, "Sex party draws mixed reaction among civic groups". (01/03/12)

A 17-year-old girl who allegedly took part in a sex party on a train that took place on the afternoon of February 19 appeared in a Taiwanese court to tell her side of the story.

An Apple Daily report said the girl, known only as 'Xiao Yu', admitted to engaging in sexual activity on a train travelling from Taipei to Zhunan in Miaoli County with at least seven to eight people during the February 28 hearing.

However, she said she could only remember five men's faces as she was too tired midway through the incident.

Her parents were reportedly shocked when they heard of her role in the sex scandal. Her mother broke down while her father kept repeating the word "impossible".

'Xiao Yu' later realised her mistake and started to cry.

Taiwanese police later made public the case exhibits, which included the outfit that Xiao Yu wore, and condoms, mouth wash, hand sanitisers and tissue paper that were reportedly used during the train journey

The scandal was exposed after a legislator of Taiwan's opposition Democratic Progressive Party alleged that 18 men rented a train carriage and had a sex party with a single young woman.

The 17-year-old girl allegedly had sex with all the men.

The male participants were asked to pay NT$800 (S$34) to be admitted into the party inside the train carriage at around 3.20 pm local time.

Some 10 minutes later, two female assistants distributed condoms and mouthwash to them.

When a woman, 170 centimeters tall and weighing 50 kilograms, allegedly 'Xiao Yu', showed up in the train carriage, the men were at loss for what to do, before the organiser, known as Mr Cai, showed them how to flirt with her during the journey.

She allegedly engaged in sexual activity with all 18 men, who paid the admission fee, before the train reached Zhunan Station.

Cai was arrested earlier for violating public decency.

From Asiaone, "Girl in Taiwan train sex scandal expresses remorse". (03/03/12)

Read also: Asiaone, "Taiwan police take organizer of train 'sex party' into custody" (28/02/12)

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