Saturday, March 10, 2012

tvN K-Pop Star Hunt - The Winner is ...

...Chonnasorn Sajakul or in short, Sorn from Thailand! (Asiaone, "Thai K-pop starlet in the making" has more praises to say about this 15-year-old star.)

Photo: TNP, "K-pop starlet in the making"

I don't understand, though, why the official website, tvN K-Pop Star Hunt has not announced about the winner, though.

In fact it only mentions about the outstanding Top 11: Andy Lui (17) and Nicola Chan (18) from Hong Kong; Charlene Albino, Charmaine Albino (twins, both 17) and Rince Cajucom (18) from the Philippines; Jasmine Tan (16) and Maressa Zahirah (23) from Singapore; Chris Kuan (16) and Lucica Chen (15) from Taiwan; and Chonnasorn Sajakul (15) and Thidarat Rommaneeyapet (14) from Thailand.

Well, the 2 finalists from Singapore may not win, but still it must have been a great experience for them. (By the way, Jasmine Tan is reported to reach the Top 5!)

So this little post is dedicated for them.

(The followings are from the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt website & the YouTube clips on their auditions.)

Jasmine Tan, 16

Dancing performance: On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez / Step by KARA / Goodbye Baby by Miss A

Jasmine is a final year student from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School who will sit for the O-Level examinations in the coming weeks before jetting off to Seoul, Korea to represent Singapore in the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt. As an avid tvN fan, Jasmine's penchant for anything Korean has seen her pick up the Korean language effortlessly. As such, her ability to speak conversational Korean means that she is one step closer to following in the footsteps of her Korean idols such as U-Kiss, her favorite K-Pop boy band.

Despite her relatively tender age of 16, Jasmine has already seven years of dancing experience under her belt. Her strong dance foundation has given her the winning edge against other contestants. Her well-timed, rhythmic and precise choreography in the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt auditions threw spectators into frenzy, winning her rapturous applause with every move. The judges remarked that they were amazed at her poise, confidence and calm demeanor despite her age. Jasmine's immense talent and outstanding ability to thrill audiences with her dance moves will see her shine as an entertainer.

Maressa Zahirah, 23

Singing Performance: Lonely by 2NE1

Maressa Zahirah, a recent Mass Communications graduate from Oklahoma City University (MDIS) has a deep passion for performance, both in singing and dancing. In the attempt to fulfill her life-long dream, Maressa has been to numerous auditions. Her journey has seen her emerged as the Top 40 in Singapore Idol in 2010 as well as Top 10 of the KBS K-Pop World Singing Competition in 2011.

Maressa comes from a long line of entertainers with her uncle, notably the keyboardist in the band 'Les Fentones'. As such, her family is extremely supportive of her aspirations, and her journey towards becoming a recognized performer. Maressa's unique looks can be linked back to her mixed heritage. Her mother is of Pakistani-Portuguese descent, while her father is native Malay. Maressa uses her background to her full advantage as she realizes that this is an added bonus and increases her appeal for the Asian and International markets.

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