Friday, March 30, 2012

ZALORA ... quality merchandise galore

The Sass & Bide Unbroken Promise Top

WAM-06 Long Sleeve SubPrint Shirt by Woods & Woods

The above screenshots are from ZALORA: one costs you $1,165 while another $375...for a top & a shirt respectively. While I understand some will put so much value in Branding (yeah, even bids for Kay Lee Roast Meat--recipe and shop space--has already reached $3 million!!), I am still impressed that there are people who make such a purchase.

Perhaps, it's a rich man's world after all, isn't it? And some of us may indeed have the luxury of thinking to just forget about the price tag. I like therefore I buy. Regardless of the cost.

And me? To be honest, I'm more along the line of "Gimme money (That's what I want)". Really.

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