Monday, April 30, 2012

Kasar 3.0: Al Jazeera crew's camera 'busted by Malaysian police' at rally

Al Jazeera crew's camera 'busted by Malaysian police' at rally--the clip was uploaded a few days ago (on 28/04, to be exact) but has gathered 246,239 views!

The rally is what known as 'Bersih 3.0' and Yahoo! News has an interesting article, titled "My impressions of Bersih 3.0". Here it is:

At age 70, I attended Bersih 3.0, the first rally I have ever been to.

Why? I suddenly realised that I have lost 50 years being apolitical and complacent. It is better late than never.

So with the noble aim of saving my motherland, I went. As many of my contemporaries would say, “We have let our children down”.

At 9.30 am, April 28, we (my Universiti Malaya mate, Boey; his daughter, Elain; her husband and two other friends) assembled on the platform of the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

At that hour, there was already a sizable crowd. I noticed most were youths in yellow T-shirts and some carrying Bersih banners. Others were posing for group photo shoots. The mood was one of gaiety.

The excitement was palpable. For me, it was a concoction of euphoria and apprehension. Happy that I was going to be in the thick of history in the making, and a little worried that I might end up in jail. Or worst, get beaten up to a bloody pulp.

On the train, everyone was smiling knowingly to each other. It was easy to pick up conversations with total strangers because there was an unsaid feeling that we were all in this together, for better or for worse. By the time the train left the second stop, it was packed.

At our destination, Pasar Seni, I saw the familiar diminutive, frail figure of Pak Samad with his signature long, white beard, dressed in black, surrounded by some 10 policemen in blue.

My first thought was, “OMG! They have arrested him.” But it turned out that he was obligingly posing for photographs with the men in blue for Bersih fans.

From my backpack I got out a bunch of maroon Bougainvilleas, picked from my garden, and offered these to the nearest policeman. He declined to accept. I shook his hand. Then I presented them to Pak Samad. Mechanically, he took it, without a word, without a sound.

Meanwhile, Boey was seen posing for a photos with Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, the ex-mentri besar of Perak. He told Boey, “I brought my mother, too.”

Next,we unanimously decided to look for something to eat. (I thought we came for a more serious mission. Have we got our priorities right?) We proceeded to Central Market and Foch avenue. There, only a few coffee shops were opened. They were the ones who made a bundle that day.

By 10.30am, we sat down on the road in front of the HSBC branch. We couldn’t get any nearer to the Dataran. That’s as far as the crowd would permit. The road was a swollen yellow river. We sang NegaraKu. We chanted “Bersih! Bersih!Bersih!”

We were orderly. I felt the energy of the rakyat coursing through my veins.

Someone shouted “Reformasi! Reformasi!”. I thought that was not very nice. We should just stick faithfully to Bersih, period. Don’t rain on Ambiga Sreenevasan’s parade.

The odour of tear gas wafted through the hot afternoon air signalled the end of the rally for us. People were shouting urgently, “Move away! Move away! Keep moving. Don’t stop.”

In the melee I was separated from my group. I reunited with my buddies at Kelana Jaya.

And this is the official website (correct me if mistaken) of Bersih 3.0.

The latest post has a call for 1) Photos, 2) Videos, and 3) The names and telephone numbers of witnesses who were detained and witness violence by police and agents provocateur. Submission to SUARAM by THURSDAY 3 MAY 2012. Contact persons (for further inquiry) were identified as Theva at 013 3845740 or Nalini at 019 3758912.

Nothing's wrong to spend some time up on Cloud Number 200--and it's not even across the moon...

I confess my other blog, "Because the moon already does another's..." (the choice of the name is explained here) has been somewhat neglected since I started it in August 2008. Only just now I managed to hit the Clouds #200. Yeah. Although I did manage to snap those photos, I just find it troublesome to post them.

Here are what I usually do after taking the shots:
1. Download them on the computer
2. Use 'Paint' to resize it
3. Use 'Paint.Net' to touch-up the brightness
4. (In rarer occasion) Upload them to my blog

So on the eve of Labour's Day, I decide to do just that--upload 8 photos & thus, hit no. 200!

What's the big deal? Uhm, nothing really. I just want to see if I can maintain the momentum of blogging about nothing that is very likely not of others' interest.

PS. To intentionally off the track, here are the 2 songs which affect the title of this post:

Cloud Nothings "Nothing's Wrong"

Bryan Adams - Cloud Number 9

Rah Band - Clouds Across the Moon

Haiku for those who dream to earn moolah online

His quest is simple:
To Earn Moolah Online...Now!
He is almost there.

(For illustration purpose, really. The blogger is for sure a he.)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Fish speaks against xenophobia in Singapore--or is it just against Temasek Review?

Sometimes Asiaone can be quite annoying by not providing the URL of the blog. Yes, I'm referring to this blog, "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining" by a blogger "Little Fish". I googled for "every cloud has a silver lining blog", I cannot land to right site. Then I continued to google for "little fish blog", "little fish blogger", and eventually I hit the 'indirect' result when I googled for "little fish every cloud has a silver lining".

I said 'indirect' because the URL of the blog (it's at is mentioned under the result page involving the Facebook page, "Fabrications About The PAP".

Could hardly resist (why else I was looking for the blog?!), and thus, I visited this featured blog.

It has so far 7 poasts since its inception last Wed, 25 April.

And well, I must admit the content is well-researched, but out of the 7 posts so far, the blogger Little Fish has hit hard against the Temasek Review. I'm referring to these posts:
- Speak Up Against Xenophobia in Singapore published on 25/04
- The Temasek Review - Original Source of Xenophobia (part 1) on 29/04
- The Temasek Review Caught Red-Handed 'Smearing' Andrew Loh on 29/04

Hey, I do hope it's just a coincidence and that Little Fish is not specifically setting his/her crusade against The Temasek Review. Why? Because being xenophobic is not necessarily a curse of a certain group. There are others. And I do hope to read Little Fish be the voice to speak up against those other misguided, blind, fearful .... uhm ... xenophobes.

By the way, the blogger Little Fish has also started a Facebook, "Speak Up Against Xenophobia in Singapore". It has so far 30 likes--and counting upwards, I'm confident.

Whenever there is a road accident involving a bus driver and a pedestrian, netizens are quick to assume the bus driver is a Chinese national and would then launch diatribes on their driving skills.

Foreign scholar Sun Xu called Singaporeans "dogs" and described the standards of public hygiene in Singapore as being "deplorable".

He was then flamed mercilessly by netizens even after he apologised and was fined $3,000 by the National University of Singapore.

Now, a few Singaporeans are speaking up against xenophobia.

A blogger, "Little Fish", had set up a blog, "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining" to highlight the dangers of xenophobia.

In its first entry on Wednesday, it posted screen shots of The Temasek Review's Facebook wall post.

It highlighted how Singapore needs some 25,000 new citizens each year to keep the population stable and to support a growing pool of elderly Singaporeans.

This is so that by 2016, there would be 100,000 new citizens to keep the People's Action Party in power.

"Little Fish" questioned how it arrived at that assumption.

"Doesn't (sic) the new citizens have a mind of its own? Isn't 'The Temasek Review' misleading the public?" he asked.

"Little Fish" describes himself as a young Singaporean and a "moderate political observer who shares his moderate views to readers in his country of birth" and "doesn't have any political party".

The New Paper tried to contact him, but he did not reply by press time.

No comments had been posted on the blog, though there were three "recommends" on Google+ .

In his second post yesterday, "Little Fish" noted that a Google search for "foreign trash" turned up results such as "foreign trash singapore", which prompted the blogger to say: "We can wonder what some Singaporeans have evolved into today."

While "Little Fish" recognised that Singaporeans "may not like" foreigners from "third world (countries)", he said that "it doesn't give us the right to discriminate against them especially to those innocent people who have done nothing wrong to us".

He called on Singaporeans to do better than succumb to xenophobia.

"It goes against the human rights, multi-racial and peaceful harmony where we Singaporeans took many years to bond together to build up."

The New Paper (TNP) reader Lawrence Chowdhurie admitted that he used to resent foreigners in Singapore until a recent incident changed his mind.

A taxi driver had blocked him from filtering to the left lane, but a Caucasian motorist allowed him to do so.

"Through this experience, I thought to myself, why are many of us, myself included, complaining about foreigners, when many of us are just as guilty," he said in an e-mail to TNP.

In an article posted on The Kent Ridge Common, a National University of Singapore newspaper, a Singaporean student spoke up for Chinese national students, amid the Sun Xu saga.

"I write because I fear what xenophobia may cause and because I'm tired of tolerating prejudices."

As the topic was so sensitive, the paper said that it decided to keep the identity of the author anonymous.

Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC Baey Yam Keng welcomed Singaporeans speaking out against xenophobia.

"We must remain open and not be biased, because sometimes what we read is not accurate," Mr Baey told TNP.

When a newspaper report on how a neighbourly dispute over curry was resolved sparked an online furore last August, Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam weighed in on the matter.

He clarified that the incident had taken place about seven years ago and that the settlement had been suggested by one of the two parties, and not the mediator who was present.

He had then said: "We must affirm our Singaporean identity and must protect it. (But) at the same time, let's not turn this into a xenophobic attack on foreigners in general."

While sociologist and former Nominated MP Paulin Straughan recognised that much of these negative comments were Singaporeans venting their frustrations through new media, she was concerned that such behaviour had become "normalised".

She said: "In my parents' generation, we were very mindful not to use race or religion against each other because it will destroy us."

Noting Singaporean's concerns on the Government's projection that Singapore would need 25,000 new citizens annually to mitigate some of the effects of a shrinking workforce, Associate Professor Straughan said Singapore needs to target its catch of new citizens better instead of simply growing the non-resident population.

"We need to attract younger immigrants who have spent some time working here, and who might want to start a family here."

She added: "This noise is detrimental to us because we're pushing away people with options, and we could end up with people with no options.

"People with not enough assets to go elsewhere, but come here because we've certain gaps in the economy, because there's money to be made.

"If that happens, we'll end up with a lower quality of immigrants," she said.

Meanwhile, to help residents and new immigrants forge friendships, the Integration and Naturalisation Champions and grassroots leaders organised a carnival yesterday at the Singapore Zoological Gardens.
From Asiaone, "Singaporeans speak out against xenophobia".

The Name. Is. MANSPIDER!

Hilarious. From the description of the YouTube clip: What happens when you bite a radioactive spider? You become the most badass super hero of all time - MANSPIDER! LOL.

Check out the clip, "MANSPIDER!". Uploaded by smosh only 2 days ago & yet it has already gathered an impressive 1,214,521 views!!

Hot Problems - lousy original song, fantastic ukulele cover, and GREATER still its Parody. LOL.

Yeah, incredibly lousy song, "Hot Problems" by Double Take! Just check their official music video, "Hot Problems (official single) - Double Take" which was uploaded on YouTube on 15 April this year and has so far gathered a staggering 9,648,776 views and a stark comparison of likes vs dislike at 28,552 vs 440,865 respectively.

Heck, I prefer--much, much better--this cover version by this YouTube member saddestdolphin, "Hot Problems (Ukulele Cover)".

Oh, and this Parody version too is MUCH better than the original. Heh. Check this out, "Hot Problems - Double Take Parody (TeraBrite feat. Toby Turner)".

LOL. Even their lyric is MUCH better--don't you agree?

watch my video and tell me the truth
are you jealous of my views
well you don't know
how easy it is to do

they see my blonde hair
and that does the trick
but they don't know
I have a really big WATER BOTTLE

I hope you can't see my thong
but if you do
that's the textbook way to get more views
weird guys call my phone
all the time
but like Miley Cyrus said "it's the climb"

hot girls don't need Auto-Tune
we're just like you
except that we're hot hot hot and get views
you don't need to open your ears
just to hear
that we can't sing, no it's perfectly clear

I read a book
while showing my butt
Then all of the trolls called me a slut
they call me stuck up
like my shhh don't stank
on behalf of all the views I get, I'd like to say thanks!

just cuz I'm blond
That means I'm dumb
But like Rebecca black getting views is fun fun fun
people start rumors
and say things about me
they're all true, but I'm getting VIEWS!

hot girls don't need Auto-Tune
to get famous on YouTube
we just look hot hot hot hot hot
you don't need to open your ears
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that we can't sing, no it's perfectly clear

hot girls don't need Auto-Tune
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we just look hot hot hot hot hot
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that we can't sing, no it's perfectly clear


why oh why
can't you see
We used to sing then took an arrow to the knee
we can't sing, we're not on Fuse
only difference is, we get views

hot girls don't need Auto-Tune
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except that we're hot hot hot and get views
you don't need to open your ears
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that we can't sing, no it's perfectly clear

hot girls don't need Auto-Tune
to get famous on YouTube
we just look hot hot hot hot hot
you don't need to open your ears
just to hear
that we can't sing, no it's perfectly clear
hot hot hot hot hot

Im YoonA - Graphite Pencil Drawing

Wonderful artwork by one extremely talented WilNArt!

From the description for the YouTube clip:
Subject Matter: Im YoonA
Size: 24cm by 18cm
Medium: Cretacolour Monolith Pencil (2B, 8B), 2B mechanical pencil on Bristol Board Paper, with tortillon and tissue paper for blending
Time taken: Roughly 5 hrs

BGM: Girls Generation - Oh! instrumental

No copyright infringement intended!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Get Lost! And Find the Real Singapore?

Get Lost and Find the Real Singapore (Extended). A very 'colorful' advert indeed. So what do you think about the clip?

Friday, April 27, 2012

A victim of +60301 call?

What a rude awakening! I was asleep during lunch time when my phone rung with the mysterious no of +60301. Yes. There's that plus sign too. And what on earth, only 5 digits? Sleepily I picked up the call.

The caller (a Female): (Greeting a long greeting in Chinese)
Me: ...
The caller: Asking in Chinese whether I understand Chinese
Me: (after a pause, I replied in Chinese that I don't understand Chinese)
The caller: (Ought to be perplexed, she translated in English what I just said in Chinese)
Me: (I confirmed in Chinese that what she translated in English was correct)
The caller: ...
Me: ... (and I hung up the call)

Fast forward a few hours (aka NOW!), I googled the no '+60301' and I was surprised that there have been others who were the recipients of this no! And I guess my inability to understand Chinese (and my rudeness to just abort the call after a decent amount of pause from both party) has saved me!

Here's the example from WhoCallsMe thread, "60301":

did a survey over the phone once out of good will. some chinese lady calling claiming that she represents a wellness company trying to break into south east asia market. asked only for my age and full name and whether i have the habit of going to SPAs.

1 week later someone called asking me to go malaysia to attend an award ceremony(which i declined)

later in the week called again claiming that they are giving me a free membership card for some wellness spa, saying they will contact me again. Thought it might be a scam and ignored it for a week.

1 week later called again and said that i was one of 5 third place winners that won a set of spa equipment that costs 400k. (i picked it up without looking at the caller ID). tried to turn down their offer. but the guy over the phone was quite persistent, taking time to explain that they are trying to promote their products by offering the lucky draw( with kind of a pissed off tone) and hope that the winners will recommend their products and services to others. so i listened on...

then the guy asks whether i have room in my apartment for the equipment(for stuff like bath tubs). i said no. then they say that they have a similar case in malaysia whereby a man do not does not have room in his apartment, but negotiated for cash payment of 200k. they offered me the same deal. I got tempted(seemed like the perfect solution for my university problem) and gave my IC number.

Then they asks for bank account no. I told them to call me back later.

Discussed this with my family and they told me that it is probably an elaborate scam.

Then they called again. i did not pick up the phone. within the span of the next hour, i received multiple foreign phone calls, including +60301 and a private number.

On hindsight, everything looked really suspicious. Why would you give someone 400k worth of equipment and "hope" that they will recommend the products to others? why would they provide a gift that may not be suitable for every household? i also did ask whether i had to fill in anything, and they said they will help me fill in the form and i just have to give them my details over the phone.

I felt like an idiot, to trust someone so easily and be so easily tempted by money.

SO people, do watch out.

HardwareZone Forum also dedicated one bustling thread for this +60301 with one member suggested that the no is of 'Google Voice'.

The no +60301 was also featured in the comment section of STOMP, "Little girl with China accent calls me and says: "Mummy, I've been kidnapped"" in Aug 2011. The comment was somewhat hilarious:

I had this call too and number was only +60301
My mum ever received a call and its a male voice crying in china accent " Ma..Wo bei Bang Piao le ya, kuai Jiu wo! Kuai!"
My mum just replied, "ok! Coming" and hung up!

Well, I guess we won't see the last of this '+60301' anytime soon. Heh.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Abraham Lincoln ... a Vampire Hunter?

Yes. It's official. Hollywood is crazy, but I'm lovin' it. The idea of picturing Abraham Lincoln--the 16th President of the United States, and possibly the MOST FAMOUS of them all--as a Vampire Hunter truly tickles me. Heh.

Move aside, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We have now: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter! And this Honest Abe will be very honest--and humble?--to admit that he could be the greatest Vampire Hunter ever!

By the way I like these 2 posters of the movie (love the simple caption: 'President by day, Hunter by night') because of their contrasting, grim shades with red is featured against black in the first poster, and against whitte in the second one).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A modern Cinderella (nice legs!) who's checking her library account & her Pumpkin Coach at Woodlands Regional Library


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Conservative Asian Dad Ordering KFC

In this clip, "Conservative Asian Dad Ordering KFC", Papa Dum gets into a tongue-twist trying to order thighs, legs and... breasts from KFC. Created & uploaded on 18/04 by Ministry of Funny, the funny clip has surprisingly only been viewed 994 times? C'mon...Support Ministry of Funny, check--oh, and 'like'--their FB page too.

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

We're doomed. Pass it on. LOL. You may be interested to watch this clip also. Shorter at 9 minutes plus.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interactive Poster That Loves Being Kissed

Creative, really! Check out this clip, "Interactive Poster That Loves Being Kissed #DigInfo".

The House of Steamboat aka the House of the Rising Steam while You Cook Your Own Meal without MSG!

Finally visited this cozy, little eatery called The House of Steamboat. Located at no. 7 Tan Quuee Lan Street, it's within walking distance from Bugis Junction.

They boast a healthy meal with 'No MSG!' and offer 6 choices of Chinese Herbal Soup:

· Mother Hen Chinese Herbal Soup (Good aphrodisiac tonic soup)

· Fish Bone Chinese Herbal Soup (Good aphrodisiac tonic soup)

· Traditional Chinese (Ma-Lak) Spicy Soup

· Authentic Tom Yam Soup

· Traditional Hot & Spicy Soup

· Traditional Chinese Herbal Pork Belly Soup

When you order the steamboat, you can choose any two soup. I opted for the first one (don't laugh - I'm only aware that it's good aphrodisiac tonic soup after visiting the website just now!) and the last one. Yeah, chicken & pork, as simple as that. Heh.

And I had no regret!

Here are some of the photos taken:

1. House of Steamboat

2. Some appetizer: mantous, chickens, and fish cake - the butter is for the barbeque, by the way.

3. Some of the dishes for barbeque!

4. Preparation to barbeque - first is the butter..

5. Meanwhile our steamboat is steamingly ready...

And a little disclaimer: This is no advertorial. The House of Steamboat does not sponsor this post. Heh.

The not-so-rogue Sigrid Agren in Rouge Coco Chanel

Rouge Coco - CHANEL Universe: a simple yet beautiful ad & catchy official website.

By the way, the model is Sigrid Agren.

You can see how versatile she has been in:
- Oui Spring 2012 Lookbook
- Muse Summer 2011
- Numéro China December 2010

Friday, April 20, 2012

Only in Malaysia ...

Impressive really this "Only in Malaysia" clip. Only a few days have passed since it's uploaded on 17/04, but it already gathered 1,052,842 views!!

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Okay, I saw & copied the above picture some time back. And now I couldn't recall where it's from (for the credit purpose). Pending till then.

Just thought it may be relevant to some of my readers (albeit rare breed, they are). :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SNSD LG Cinema 3D Ad: So cuteness does sell too, huh?

Firstly, this post is NOT sponsored by LG. Secondly, I have nothing against the Korean group SNSD (in fact I blogged about them twice favorably in "Samsung Girls' Generation (SNSD) Street Dance at Orchard, Singapore" and "SNSD aka Girls' Generation Singapore concert -- or the hot girl band whose music video inspired mrbrown...").

But this time I really cannot take it. The cuteness is just TOO MUCH. The SNSD members were featured nonsensically (cute, nevertheless) in a series of LG Cinema 3D advertisements.

Here are some screenshots as examples of how ridiculous (cute, nevertheless) the members of SNSD act to promote the product. Facepalm.


And this is the full YouTube clip of the ad--also including the part featuring Sunny (not shown in the above screenshots):

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aah sst sst...Ooh sst sst...Shiok Aah. I'm LOVIN' it!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chapter 5: Escape from District 12 (The Hunger Games Adventures)

Yeah too Chapter 5, "Escape from District 12" of the Facebook game, The Hunger Games Adventures. The game is quite a bore, but kind of interesting to see how the plot slowly develops.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Singapore's Marina Bay at Night

Singapore's Marina Bay at Night: 9 fantastic photos by JherryPhons published on CNN iReport on 28/03/12.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Coke Hug Me Machine ... exclusively in NUS? Heh.

Aww...just see those happy faces of the NUS students who were rewarded with a Coca-Cola after they pervertedly hugging the Coke vending machine. Hur hur.


Truly impressive! This clip, "A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE" was only uploaded 2 days ago on 11/04 and yet has already boasted of 6,532,818 views!!

Here's the description by turnerbenelux:

To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text "Push to add drama" invited people to use the button. And then we waited... Discover here what happened or visit for more info.

TNT. We know drama.

Support Nath to run for Miss Earth Sabah 2012!

Yes, let's force this beautiful blogger, Nath to run for Miss Earth Sabah 2012! Simply by commenting in her blog--this particular post, "Miss Earth Sabah 2012".

She'd just need 100 COMMENTS encouraging her to join this competition. The deadline for posting those encouraging comments will be up till 2359 22nd April.

As per now, there have been 13 supporters. The figures can easily surge to the pre-requisite 100 before the deadline, I'd say.

So spread the words. Blog about it. Spam. Whatever it takes, let's have those 100 encouraging comments up asap, shall we? Heh.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sexy SISTAR 씨스타_나혼자(Alone) Music Video

SISTAR 씨스타_나혼자(Alone) Music Video: a sexy clip, for sure & also impressive as it's only uploaded yesterday but has gathered a staggering 153,124 views!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet couple taking a photo while waiting for "Rainforest Fights Back" show at Singapore Zoo


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thailand Policewomen Dance for Campaign Reduce Accident in Water Festival (Songkran Festival)

Thailand Policewomen Dance for Campaign Reduce Accident in Water Festival (Songkran Festival). Song: สงกรานต์ขับไม่ดื่ม Songkran-Kub-Mai-Duem (Drink don't drive in songkran). Artist: แอ๊ด คาราบาว (Aed Carabao; Yuenyong Opakul).

Why can't they have the dance for 'Campaign Reduce Water Wastage in, uhm, Water Festival'? Heh.

Blog: "Earn Moolah Online ... NOW!"

Introducing this newly born blog, "Earn Moolah Online ... Now!". So far the blog offers 3 methods of making money online: Clixsense, Neobux, and iPanelonline.

Do stay tune for more.

The challenge I'd say is not for getting more sources to earn money online, but to not give up & to continue persevere!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Kate Upton Burger Ad: Sexy, but ...

Kate Upton Banned Super Bowl Commercial - The Southwest Patty Melt at Carl's Jr and Hardee's. Indeed very sexy, but I find it kind of ridiculously hazardous to one's health.

Kate Upton 'Sexy but Unsafe' Position While Eating the Burger

Kate Upton 'Sexy but Unsafe' While Drinking

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Jerry is more POPULAR than Justin Bieber!

Total of 58,731 Facebook members have chosen Jerry over Justin Bieber as their 1st Favourite. The comparison is very contrasting ast only 41 said the latter as their choice. Heh.

Latest of the blogger Ms Jiang Lai ... Nil?! Nada?! Nothing at all?!

I've just noticed that recently many visitors came across this humble site of mine as they google for 'jiang lai', 'jiang lai blog' or 'blogger jiang lai'. (The 2 particular posts visited are "Ms Jiang Lai (Only date ACSi boys!) should be featured by Opposition!!" and "Blogger Jiang Lai threatened to suicide over a hotel deposit?!?!")

I still recall her blog URL (, but alas, it's already deleted & no longer available. is no longer available.
The authors have deleted this blog.

Pity. I'm kind of curious what happened to her these days? And why many have been trying to find out more about her.

Till then--till we hear more latest news about her, hopefully nothing which involves IMH--let these 3 photos (from various source in the Net) remind us about how a beautiful face may not be everything!

Outsourced ... now is a comedy

Outsourced on Channel 5. Premieres 8 April, Sunday, 11pm. That's tonight!

By the way, Tomatometer rated it at 74%.

Outsourced is a comedy series of an American novelties company set in a call centre in Mumbai, India. A lone American manager returns from management training to find that the entire order processing department which he works in has been outsourced. In order to keep his job, he lands himself in India and comes face to face with hilarious and awkward situations in his attempts to understand the Indian culture.
(Source: Xin MSN, "Outsourced".)

Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Hunger Games Adventures - Official Facebook Game

The Hunger Games Adventures - Official Facebook Game. The trailer of the game looks promising. Heh.

Hard-Boiled Bunny (lol) of Superhero City

I just love the artwork of the card, "Hard-Boiled Bunny" for the Facebook game, Superhero City.

And not to mention its hilarious noir-like description:

A bullet tears through your fur. Might need to get that checked. Later. Now? You hop backwards, both paws pulling triggers as you take another hit. You grin as the blood escapes your body. Heh. Pretty soon you might get mad.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Kung Fooled

Kung Fooled. Impressive with 6,386,014 views!

"As a Singaporean, you should be civic-minded."

The Noose Season 5 FINALE - Episode 13 Pt 1 of 3 (3 April 2012) also featured about how a guy gets into trouble by telling a litterbug to be civic-minded. Heh. Kind of having a similarity to the real-life case of Huang Yiliang, eh? Hur hur.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Balance-Exclusive Oscar Winning Cartoon (1989)

Balance-Exclusive Oscar Winning Cartoon (1989). The art may be not that impressive (well, it's in 1989 after all!), but the seemingly simple plot is truly very well thought.

THIRST - a short film

THIRST - a short film. LOL. What a great ending!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ah Wing - Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman

Ah Wing - Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman. Hilarious!

One man, in search for a humble bargain, and another, who hates a man in search for a humble bargain. This short depicts the things a salesman would go through just to close a sale.

Wheel of Fortune ... of Malacca?


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cheap Flights ... Check them out! (And laugh...)

Ha! So what do you think about these 2 clips on 'cheap flights'? Grin.

Girls - Who Run The World Parody (Singapore)

Uploaded by MunahHirziOfficial on Mar 31, 2012--and it's already gathered 48,889 views! Impressive. Hilarious, too!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Lynnzay Affandi: Karna ku wanita ...

This YouTube clip, "Because I'm A Girl (Malay Version by Lynnzay A.)" has just been uploaded on 23 March 2012. It's covered in Malay language by Lynnzay A. (lyrics written by Lynnzay herself). Nicely done! (But hey, why only 273 views?!?!)