Tuesday, January 01, 2013

legal@jagex.com says "RuneScape - Lawsuit against you for $2,500 (Final notification of case no. ZtPd0CiaH"

What a way to start a brand new year with a scam which very much sounds like a threat. Heh. The email subject line is "RuneScape - Lawsuit against you for $2,500 (Final notification of case no. ZtPd0CiaH)" and sent by "Jagex Ltd", legal@jagex.com. As usual I don't click the link provided in the email. (Well, why should I?! I don't even know what on earth this Jagex is.)

Dear Player,

We have collected convincing evidence that you tried to trade your RuneScape account or sell your virtual items outside of the game environment.

Such real-world trading is destroying the economy of RuneScape and is in violation with our policies. Therefore any player that continues to engage in the illegal activity has no place in our community.

All of your accounts are now on our watch-list and will be automatically monitored for real-world trading. Regardless of who you are or how long you've been with us, if you continue to real-world trade we will have no hesitation in: (1) permanently banning your account from our community in order to protect the game, and (2) naming you as a defendant in Jagex Limited vs you, which is a lawsuit based on antitrust law violations that is currently pending in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (Civ. Action No. SANC-V13-00342-CGH).

If you decide to ignore this email and instead continue Real-World Trading, we (Jagex Ltd) reserve our rights to pursue statutory damages against you for between $200 to $2,500 per act of past, present, and/or future real-world trading in accordance with 19 U.S.C. 1307(c)(3).

In addition, we have temporarily changed your RuneScape account's status.

Please fill in the following security form to monitor your account's status or to appeal the infractions you have recieved [sic]:
http://xxxxxx.runescape.com/ZtPd0CiaH/m=weblogin/g=runescape/index.ws?mod=offence-appeal&ssl=1 [Note from the blogger: the xxxxxx is to replace the 6 letters as I don't really intend to unintentional spread this hilarious scam]

Please note: Due to recent technical problems with our automated detection systems, some accounts have been unfairly punished. Most of the void infractions should have been removed. Please visit the appeal section to appeal any unjustified infractions received due to system errors.

Mod Mark.

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I further googled for 'legal@jagex.com'. So yeah, it is a scam, alright. (And many have received similar 'threatening' emails. Hur hur.)

On a separate note, the email did help Jagex to gain some kind of publicity. It 'persuaded' me to check the official website jagex.com & yeah, the games do look promising. Heh.

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