Friday, February 08, 2013

Legend of the Seas - photos galore! (Part 1 of 2)

Alright, after a not so brief prelude, here are the photos taken onboard Legend of the Seas (I am resuming the photos no from 04 to continue the previous post's photos):

DAY 1: 06 Feb

4. Boarding passes and "Seapass" cards (which can be used to enter your room and to go ashore to Malacca so that you don't bring your passport with you)

5. Your room (it's called 'stateroom') will have an attendant who will introduce himself to you & help you diligently. And yes, he too has a namecard to give so that you can easily contact him.

6. "As you arrive" FAQ. Very informative.

7. Photo on the Centrum deck 4 level where a mass dancing on YMCA. Heh.

8. Deck 9 table tenis corner. No dress code. You can use your nice, white dress to play the game.

9. Teen celebrities, Kimberly Chia and Xu Bin at Solarium, Deck 9.

10. Ditto.

11. Alan & Yulia from the Olympic National Team of Russia in the "Welcome Aboard Show" at "That's Entertainment Theater", Deck 4.

12. Some sand paintings in the between of the performance by Alan & Yulia (they too needed their break!).

13. The cool (don't you just love the layout, decoration and the lighting!) Centrum, Deck 4.

14. More fun in Centrum, between Deck 4 and 5.

15. Pool Deck at night, Deck 9. Featuring the new LED screen.

16. Pool deck at night, facing Centrum skylight.

17. Back to Centrum, Deck 4!

18. It's happening really at Centrum. Would love to learn dancing one day. On another note: I had no idea the lady looking at me with her clenched fist. What did I do wrong?!

With that little mystery I ended this post. Next will be the photos taken on Legend of the Seas on 7 Feb! And there will be MORE of them...


voo888doo said...

great report, first time to see legend of the seas refurbished trip report.

Anonymous_X said...

Thanks. Awesome FB page, btw. :)