Friday, February 08, 2013

Legend of the Seas - photos galore! (Part 2 of 2)

Okay, the photos in the previous post on Day 1 trip on Legend of the Seas are just a warm-up. Here are the rest of them:

DAY 2: 07 Feb

19. The beautiful, bright sunny dawn. Emphasis on 'sunny' as the previous day was rather rainy. Heh.

20. The town of Malacca, also a truly Asia. Personally not really that excited about the town as I already did visit it in 2010. Check out 'Random Photos from Malacca Trip 2010'. Don't get me wrong, Malacca is still a great town to visit!

21. Important Things To Know Today - I like how the information keeps flowing.

22. Mini Golf Course at Deck 10

23. Wall Climbing, also at Deck 10

24. Pool Deck in the morning

25. The address of the jetty where we came ashore in Malacca: Parameswara Tour Jetty, Jalan Merdeka.

26. Onboard a small boat on the trip back from Malacca to the Legend of the Seas

27. You can also check the list of activities onboard from the Cruise Compass in your TV.

28. "That's Entertainment Theatre" before the show - actually this was taken during passport collection in the late afternoon.

29. Oh, in addition to the Cruise Compass, you can always access this touch-screen guide.

30. The posh Viking Crown Lounge.

31. Romeo and Juliet Dining Room, Deck 4.

32. Schooner Bar, Deck 4.

33. The inside of Casino Royale, Deck 4

34. Centrum, Deck 4. Late afternoon performance. Even the little girl was enjoying it! Smiles.

35. Oh, and I just love how you can enjoy nice artwork (like paintings) almost everywhere onboard!

36. You won't be lost onboard. At the main lifts near Centrum, you can easily find the guidance like creatively modeled as the ship itself.

37. Anchors Aweigh Lounge, Deck 5. Ice sculpture. Cool...

38. Still inside the Anchors Aweigh Lounge.

39. Centrum. From Deck 4 to 9. And with the 2 lifts.

40. Shore Excursion Desks. "Are we there yet?"

41. Couldn't resist not taking a photo of another person who was taking a photo. Heh.

42. Invitation to Dance - the show at the Theatre, Deck 4. The next 2 photos show how contrasting the lights were!

43. Compare this one...

44. ...with this one! Nice, huh?! Singing and dancing and singing and dancing!

45. Centrum Grand Opening - featured the Master and senior ship staff

46. Some games were also held in Centrum. This one is part of "Less than 60 seconds!".

47. Romantic Dance towards the end of the night. Note to self (again): I must learn dancing. I must learn dancing.

48. As You Depart booklet. Sigh.

All in all, it was a G-R-E-A-T trip.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by Royal Carribean Cruise Ltd. You know how exciting it is to experience something extremely breathtaking trip or holiday which you are dying to share to others! Hey, I am even blogging this without even clearing my stuff off from my luggage first. So when next time the sea is calling you, will you be also answering it, royally? ;)

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