Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mat Yoyo! Kids Fiesta 2013 AMK Hub

Okay. So I was totally clueless about this 'Mat Yoyo' stuff as it's supposed to be a very hot attraction for the kids?! Referring to this afternoon Kids Fiesta 2013 at AMK Hub (about 1 PM), I thought it would be quite fun an event to be captured. But boy, was I wrong! The host was dull. The 2 characters (were-cats?) namely Yoyo and Yaya were timid.

What's so endearing about the whole thing?! I went home and did some digging in YouTube. Well, the clip, "Mat Yoyo Episode 1 (English)" seems quite fun actually! And the host Kim Wakerman? She too did a great job in the clip! (Well, on a side note, she has a blog too: "With the breathings of my heart" at

Anyway, here are the 3 photos which I took:

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Kellie said...

Kim Wakerman, great job? You probably watched the clip in mute. Woman can't enunciate words properly and overreacts.