Saturday, March 23, 2013

of Cartier - Destinée; impossibly sweet ad

So you think the clip, "Cartier - Destinée" is sweet? Think again. In the 7-minute love story, Michelle Chen is paired with French-British actor, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who plays a man who meets his ex-girlfriend (played by Michelle Chen) at a mutual friend's wedding set against a beautiful Parisian garden. Seeing her again after 5 years, it suddenly dawns on him that she is 'The One'. He then runs off to purchase a diamond ring from Cartier and proposes to her. (Source: Diva Asia)

Ridiculous. What's wrong with the above scenario? First, it is about the sudden 'enlightenment' that she is 'The One' after, yes, 5 years?! Second, it's about how he can run off to purchase a diamond ring from Cartier, without any sweat, and proposes to her, without losing his breath after all those running?! C'mon, don't tell me Cartier is like a 7-Eleven shop which can be found easily round the corner.

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