Tuesday, March 26, 2013

of The Stream: 'Singapore for Singaporeans'?

Al Jazeera English presents "The Stream: 'Singapore for Singaporeans'?". Hosted by Lisa Fletcher and Anushay Hossain (check out her blog, "ANUSHAY'S POINT"), the almost half-an-hour clip also featured--in alphabetical order--Andrew Loh - Editor-in-chief - publichouse.sg, Gilbert Goh - Singapore protest organizer, Nicholas Fang - nominated MP, Prasenjit Basu - head of Asia Research of Maybank, and Shihan Fang - a co-founder of New Nation.

The host: Lisa Fletcher

And the co-host: Anushay Hossain

And the 'Affected' from Singapore:

PS. Considering the clip was uploaded on Mar 12, I'm quite surprised that it has so far gathered only 3,896 views? Pity.

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